Honors Project at College of San Mateo - Meet the Faculty
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Honors Project

Meet the Faculty

David Laderman

David Laderman

Title: Professor, Film; Honors Project Co-Coordinator, Alpha Gamma Sigma advisor
Degrees: Ph.D., Cultural Studies, UC Davis; M.A., Film, San Francisco State University; M.A. French, Emory University; B.A., English, CSU Northridge
Teaching Experience: Since 1989
Career Highlights: Writing two books, one on road movies, one on punk music and film; teaching for CSM's Study Abroad program in London and Paris; being interviewed for the IFC documentary Wanderlust; most of all, engaging, and being engaged by, my students.
Hobbies: Reading fiction, playing music, watching films, loving my dogs
Quote: "Every moment is a word, every word is yes, every yes is now, every now is a vision of belief."
– Denis Johnson, Angels
Rob Komas

Rob Komas

Title: Professor, Mathematics
Degrees: M.A., Mathematics, San Jose State University; B.A., Mathematics, UC San Diego
Teaching Experience: Since 1982
Career Highlights: Every day we loved learning.
Hobbies: Music, running and taking time regularly to get really uncomfortable.
Quote: "What we're doing here today, Won't make the bad life go away, You gotta grow the beard, Find the doubt, And maybe you'll work everything out hey!" 
– Karl Walinger and Karl Edmond de Vere
Madeleine Murphy

Madeleine Murphy

Title: Professor, English
Degrees: B.A. Hons, King's College, Cambridge, U.K.; M.Litt, Edinburgh University, Scotland, U.K.
Teaching Experience: Since 1988
Career Highlights: Twenty-three years (and counting) of listening to, talking to and working with some of the most interesting and rewarding students anywhere
Hobbies: Reading, quilting; going for walks, traveling
Quote: "You have learned something. That always feels, at first, as if you had lost something."
– George Bernard Shaw
Christopher Walker

Christopher Walker

Title: Professor, Mathematics
Degrees: Ph.D., Mathematics, UC Riverside; M.A. & B.A., Mathematics; CSU San Bernardino
Teaching Experience: Since 2004
Career Highlights: Seeing my student present origianl work at conference
Hobbies: Golf, coaching soccer, Playing games of all kinds
Quote: "Students must be taught HOW to think, not WHAT to think."
 Margaret Mead
Sara Lawrence

Sarah Lawrence

Title: Assistant Professor, English
Degrees: M.A., English, San Francisco State University; B.A., Italian, San Francisco State University; B.A., Psychology, San Francisco State University; B.A., English, UC Santa Barbara
Teaching Experience: Since 2011
Career Highlights: Watching my students follow their curiosities
Hobbies: Cooking, music, coffee, making my daughter laugh
Quote: “Seek and be able to recognize who and what, in the midst of the hell, are not hell, then make them endure, and give them space.”
– Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities