Fees at College of San Mateo - Payment Plan
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Payment Plan

If you are unable to pay your fees at the time of registration you may sign up for a payment plan through Nelnet that allows you to pay your fees over an extended period of time.

Here is how the plan works:

  • Sign up for a Payment Plan through WebSMART under the REGISTRATION tab, click on SETUP PAYMENT PLAN.
  • Students should sign up at the time of registration in order to meet the payment deadlines and not be dropped from classes.
  • Students carrying a balance from prior terms should pay off the balance prior to registering.
  • There is a fee to enroll in the payment plan. The plan costs $20 for each semester.
  • Nelnet will assess a $30 fee for insufficient funds. The company will try to submit the payment 3 times to the bank.
  • A $30 fee will be assessed for each missed/late payment, up to a maximum of $180.
  • You must have a balance of at least $50 in order to enroll in the Fee Payment Plan.
  • Students paying in cash will not be able to participate in the Payment Plan.
  • Payments can be made through electronic debit from a checking or savings account or through credit cards. Payments are made directly to NelNet, the online Payment Plan Vendor, not to the Cashiers Office.
  • There is no penalty paying off a Payment Plan balance early. Payment can be made online through Nelnet.
If you make changes to your class schedule that affects your outstanding balance, your payment plan will automatically be adjusted to cover your complete balance.

Detailed information about how to sign up for the Payment Plan is available on WebSMART

Avoid Getting Dropped

You will get dropped from your classes if you do not pay your fees on time.

NOTE: Students should check their email for their specific drop deadline - students must pay all fees prior to the drop deadline communicated in the email.