Middle College at College of San Mateo - Enrollment
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November 12 - January 21
Fall 2014 Final Exams
December 13-19
Fall 2014 official grades
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Wednesday, December 31
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Middle College
Enrollment • Spring 2015

View the Middle College Enrollment Application.

The original Spring 2015 application deadline has passed. Late applications will be processed on a case-by-case basis.

You can download an application from this website, you can get an application from a school guidance counselor or you can call the Middle College (574-6101) to have one mailed to you. Please note that the applications for the SMUHSD and the CUSD students are slightly different.


1. Middle College Application: All students interested in in the Middle College program must complete the Middle College Enrollment Application. Be sure to respond to all parts of the application. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

2. College of San Mateo Application for Admission: Students are required to Apply to CSM. Once you complete the application, print the “Application Confirmation” page and a copy of the application information, and send both documents as part of your Middle College packet. Students will be assigned a CSM student ID number, which is needed to take CSM Placement Tests. Students who previously attended CSM or are attending CSM now don’t need to reapply, but you must let us know that you have a CSM ID number (a G#).

3. Letters of Recommendation:
Students must have three staff members from the current high school fill out the recommendation forms:
  • Give the "Counselor Recommendation Form" to your guidance counselor
  • Give the "Teacher Recommendation Form" to a teacher who knows about your behavior, attendance, participation, and performance in a classroom setting
  • Give the "Assistant Principal/Dean of Students Recommendation Form" to a staff member familiar with your behavior on campus and at school functions, either the Assistant Principal who monitors discipline for your grade or the Dean of Students
  • Give the counselor, teacher, and administrator enough time to respond to all sections of the recommendation form, and all staff members need to return the recommendation forms to your guidance counselor by the October 23 deadline.
4. Parent/Guardian Recommendation Form: A parent/guardian responds to all sections.

5. Transcript
: Students must include an unofficial transcript in the packet and your six-week or 12-week progress report; Arrange to receive an unofficial transcript from the school student data analyst.

6. Attendance Report:
Students must include a high school attendance report for Fall 2014 and Spring 2014.  Consult the school attendance clerk to receive a copy of this report. The application, letters of recommendation, transcript, and attendance report must be submitted to your guidance counselor no later than Thursday, October 23 Be sure that all letters of recommendation have been processed and returned to the counselor.  The applications will be turned over to the Middle College office by the end of school, October 23.


All applicants must take the College of San Mateo English Placement Test. The Math Placement Test is not required at this time, but since most Middle College students will be taking a math class, students are encouraged to take the English and Math Placements Tests at the same time.

There are two ways to sign up for the testing:

1)     Call Laurie Carrasquedo at 574-6536 to schedule the Placement Tests for either Wednesday, October 22 at 4pm or Tuesday, October 28 at 4pm.

2)     Schedule your own Placement Test appointment by using the CSM on-line system, Websmart. Go to www.collegeofsanmateo.edu/testing/scheduletest.asp to schedule an appointment.

The testing must be completed on or before October 29. When you submit your CSM application on line, you will be assigned a CSM student identification number (a G number). Once testing in completed, students will receive results of the testing. Bring a copy of the test results to the meeting on October 29. If there are questions, contact the Middle College office (574-6101) or the CSM Testing Office (574-6175).


Students will be notified that they have passed the paper-screening portion of the application process. Applicants and parents/guardians must attend an informational meeting at CSM on Wednesday, October 29, at 6pm at CSM in College Center Building 10, Room 193.

Middle College administrators and staff members will provide information about the program.  Students will take a writing test, which will help determine eligibility in the Middle College program. The information meeting and student testing will take approximately two hours.


Students can shadow a Middle College student or observe the Middle College classes. Middle College student candidates and parents/guardians may opt to tour the CSM campus. These visits are done by appointment, usually on Mondays and Wednesdays. Call the Middle College office for information.


Students who successfully complete the first three steps will be scheduled for interviews with their parents/guardians, plus members of the Middle College staff. The interviews will be scheduled the weeks of November 3 and November 10 at CSM.

Students and parents/guardians are asked a series of questions related to the students' involvement in and commitment to Middle College. Interviews take approximately 15 minutes.


Students will be notified by mail if they have been accepted into the Middle College program. Students will arrange for a meeting with Middle College and CSM staff members to begin registration and scheduling for Spring 2015 courses. Scheduling appointments will be the weeks of November 10 and November 17. The Middle College high school classes begin on Wednesday, January 14. The CSM classes begin on Thursday, January 22.

The fall semester runs from January 14 through June 2, 2015.

For more information, please call the Middle College Principal Greg Quigley at (650) 574-6101.

Need Information in Spanish? ¿Necesita información en Español?
Por favor llame a Laurie Carrasquedo al (650) 574-6536 or email carrasquedol@smccd.edu