Community Relations & Marketing at College of San Mateo - Print Production and Design
Community Relations & Marketing
Print Production and Design

CSM Marketing Collateral Production and Consultation
The Community Relations & Marketing department is responsible for the content creation of all College of San Mateo marketing collateral in conjunction with the specific college content owner. If you have a need to create a marketing piece outside of the scope of our charter for institutional marketing collateral in all cases, please contact us for editorial consultation.

Visit the Tool Kit for CSM logo files and other publishing tools, including our Writing Style Guide for self-help resources in developing your materials.

Please send your marketing collateral print requests to Beverley Madden at or call (650) 574-6538 for estimates/consultation.  

CSM Branded Stationery
CSM’s Community Relations & Marketing Office oversees the official branding of the institution. An important component of CSM’s image is the appropriate and consistent use of branded stationery. Official stationery conveys professionalism, seriousness, and promotes CSM’s brand. Our stationery consists of letterhead, envelopes, and business cards. They display the official trademarks and branding of the College and are used to communicate with persons or entities “outside” the College.
  • Print stationery can be purchased from Campus Copy & Post, the print shop located on the first floor of College Center Building 10, Room 190.
  • Electronic letterhead for email use can be requested by contacting the Community Relations & Marketing Office.

Questions? Please contact Dave McLain at or (650) 574-6107 or Beverley Madden at or (650) 574-6538.