Community Relations & Marketing at College of San Mateo - Event Calendar
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Community Relations & Marketing
Event Calendar

The CSM Event Calendar is the primary resource for event information for the college. The Community Relations & Marketing department uses this resource to repurpose event information via the College Center Building 10 monitors, Health & Wellness Building 5 monitors and the CSM Electronic Sign (located at the corner of Hillsdale Boulevard and CSM Drive).

In addition we use this content as our resource for submitting college event information to the community by publishing to other local community calendars, newsletters and more.

If you would like to submit an event to the CSM Event Calendar, please visit and enter the event details into the form provided there. Please submit events as early as possible, as this will allow them to be seen in more places and for more time than submitting them just before the event occurs. Please note that:
  • Events must be submitted 1 week prior to the event date to guarantee posting. 
  • Events should be submitted 3-4 weeks in advance to allow adequate time for additional promotion (digital signs, external event calendars, social media).
  • To be posted, an event must be a CSM event, hosted, coordinated or sponsored by a college division, program, or organization.
  • When inputting your event, ensure you select categories for the event based on the audience you want to communicate with. If the event is open to the public, please select the Community category.

CSM Electronic Sign and Building Monitors
The Community Relations & Marketing is responsible for the content displayed on the digital display board at the campus entrance of CSM Drive and Hillsdale Blvd and the building monitors in College Center (1st and 2nd floor; not the alcove dining area) as well as a monitor in the Health & Wellness Building 5. The primary resource for content is the CSM Event Calendar; to be posted, an event must be a CSM event, hosted, coordinated or sponsored by a college division, program or organization. Our office reviews the CSM Event Calendar to derive upcoming events for display on the digital board. Please contact Beverley Madden with questions at or (650) 574-6538.