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Community Relations & Marketing
Communication Services

The Community Relations & Marketing department is responsible for internal and external communication on behalf of the institution. If you have a story and/or are contacted by a reporter please contact Beverley Madden at or (650) 574-6538.

CSM Event Calendar
The CSM Event Calendar is the primary resource for event information for the college. The Community Relations & Marketing department uses this resource to repurpose event information via the College Center Building 10 monitors, Health & Wellness Building 5 monitors and the CSM Electronic Sign (located at the corner of Hillsdale Boulevard and CSM Drive) as well as external event calendars (for example SFGate, Patch, and local community newsletters) and social media (Facebook and Twitter). To be posted, an event must be a CSM event, hosted, coordinated or sponsored by a college division, program, or organization.

To submit an event to the CSM Event Calendar, please visit and enter the event details into the form. Providing the event information early allows us more time to re-purpose to other community calendars, newsletters and more. Please submit events 3-4 weeks in advance to allow adequate time for additional promotion (digital signs, external event calendars, social media).
CSM Electronic Sign and Building Monitors
Community Relations & Marketing is responsible for the content displayed on the electronic sign at the campus entrance of CSM Drive and Hillsdale Blvd and the building monitors in College Center (1st and 2nd floor; not the alcove dining area) as well as a monitor in the Health & Wellness Building 5. The primary resource for content is the CSM Event Calendar; to be posted, an event must be a CSM event, hosted, coordinated or sponsored by a college division, program or organization. Our office reviews the CSM Event Calendar to derive upcoming events for display on the digital board. Please contact Beverley Madden with questions at or (650) 574-6538.
Student Email Communication Requests
If you have a CSM student email communication you would like distributed to all students, or to a particular student population, please complete and submit the Student Email Communication Request form. Prior to completing the form please review the below checklist to prepare your content.

Submit the request to Marketing 1 week prior to distribution date.
  • Provide target audience (e.g., all current students, previous students-specific semesters, students applied not registered, etc.)
  • Provide target send date
  • Provide topic/subject
  • Provide brief text. If you have 'complex' information that needs to be communicated, please reference your website
  • Provide contact information
You will receive a confirmation of your request once submitted.  We will review the request and submit to Cabinet for approval (generally this happens within 1-2 business days). Once we have received Cabinet approval we will distribute the student message and provide confirmation back to the requestor. If you have questions about this procedure please contact Beverley Madden at or (650) 574-6538.

Subscription Center
To reduce the number of all CSM Employee emails, the college has established a new listserv procedure. Most announcements, memos and reminders will now be included in the new listserv process. To subscribe or unsubscribe to a listserv, visit our Subscription Center.

If you have a message you would like sent to one of the listservs, please contact the individual listed as "owner".
Provide 2-3 business days advanced notification if possible and submit your event to the CSM Event Calendar
before requesting an email message.

Academic Senate David Laderman
Budget Bev Madden
College News, Events & Announcements Bev Madden
Committee Agendas and Minutes Dennis Tordesillas
Construction Michele Rudovsky
Distance Education Jennifer Taylor-Mendoza
Institutional Planning Committee Jennifer Hughes
Messages to Students Bev Madden
Timely College Issues & Decisions Bev Madden
Pacific Dining at Terrace Grill Brian Robertson

Questions about the listserv should be sent to

Student Experience Stories
Community Relations & Marketing is always happy to receive your recommendation for student experience stories specific to CSM Alumni, current students transfer and students career accomplishments. These stories are used in marketing materials, executive reports to the Board of Trustees and on the CSM website.

If you have a recommendation for a student experience story please contact Beverley Madden at or
(650) 574-6538 or Valerie Anderson at or (650) 574-6105. We appreciate your assistance in showcasing our students.