Institutional Committees at College of San Mateo - International Education Committee (IEC)
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Institutional Committees
International Education Committee (IEC)

Mission & Goals

The role of CSM’s International Education Committee is to serve as an advisory body for the development and implementation of the International Education Program at CSM and the coordination of college efforts with the District’s International Education initiative for increasing the enrollment of international students at the three colleges. 
Specifically, the Committee will:
  1. Work with the CSM International Education staff and the district to review marketing and recruitment efforts for international students; identify target countries/regions for focused recruitment efforts
  2. Advise on district-wide international admissions and programmatic procedures
  3. Support and collaborate in the development and implementation of activities to further globalize/internationalize CSM’s curriculum and academic environment, including training, events, and social/cultural activities for students, faculty/staff, and the greater campus community
  4. Support and advocate for comprehensive support services and curriculum development for international students and international education


Name Representation Email Address Office Phone
Soonyoung (Sue) Hwang An Faculty (650) 574-6357
Janet Black Faculty (650) 574-6284
Sandra Stefani Comerford Administrator (650) 574-6404
Kamran Eftekhari Faculty (650) 574-6693
Vera Fainshtein Faculty (650) 574-6283
Silvana Grima Classified Staff (650) 378-7292
Yaping Li Faculty (650) 574-6338
Amir Farhan Mat Kamal Student   ----------------
Ludmila Prisecar Classified Staff (650) 574-6207
Danni Redding Lapuz (Chair) Classified Staff (650) 574-6501
Jan Roecks Administrator (650) 358-6752
Christine Su Classified Staff (650) 574-6529
Kalina Tabatt Faculty (650) 574-6232
Henry Villareal Administrator (650) 574-6590
Christine Woo Classified Staff  (650) 574-6542

Meeting Summaries