Institutional Committees at College of San Mateo - International Education Committee (IEC)
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March 28 - April 2
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Institutional Committees
International Education Committee (IEC)


The role of CSM’s International Education Committee is to coordinate the implementation of the International Education Program at CSM and to coordinate college efforts with the District’s International Education initiative for increasing the enrollment of international students at the three colleges. Specifically, the Committee will:
  • Work with the District to implement marketing and recruitment efforts for international students; identify target countries CSM may wish to focus recruitment efforts
  • Work with the District and sister colleges to implement district wide admission and application procedures
  • Develop and implement activities to further globalize CSM’s curriculum
  • Develop and implement social and cultural activities for international students
  • Develop and implement comprehensive support services for international students
  • Develop, modify, and implement curriculum related to international education as needed
Meeting Times


Name Representation Email Address Office Phone
Renee Bu Faculty (650) 574-6568
Sandra Stefani Comerford Administrator (650) 574-6404
Jennifer Hughes Administrator (650) 574-6118
Young-Min Kim Student  --------------------
Danni Redding Lapuz (Chair) Classified Staff (650) 574-6501
Nancy Paolini Faculty  (650) 574-6342
Jan Roecks Administrator (650) 358-6752
Henry Villareal Administrator (650) 574-6590
Christine Woo Classified Staff  (650) 574-6542
Jing Wu Faculty (650) 574-6338

Meeting Summaries