Disabled Students Programs & Services at College of San Mateo - Faculty Resource Guide
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Disability Resource Center (DRC)

Faculty Resource Guide

The Accommodation Process

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) helps to ensure equal access by providing academic support services for students who have disabilities. Academic adjustments & services will provide DRC students with the opportunity to live up to their potential for academic success. Our students and the DRC appreciate your support!

There are four main steps for first-time students who would like to request our services. 


  1. The student brings verification of disability documentation to the DRC and completes an application for services in person or online.
    Documentation may not be necessary for observable disabilities.
  2. An appointment is scheduled to review paperwork.

  3. At the appointment, an Academic Accommodation Plan (AAP) will be completed based on individual educational limitation.

  4. The student may need to make a follow-up appointment to complete a Student Educational Plan (SEP) to select classes.

    If there is no disability documentation available, the student may schedule an appointment to discuss if services are appropriate or if further assessment is needed.


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