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Disability Resource Center (DRC)

Faculty Resource Guide

The Accommodation Process

Reasonable accommodations are provided to help students compensate for limitations resulting from a disability. Accommodations are not designed to give students an advantage but rather to allow them an equal opportunity in the classroom. Although equality of opportunity will not guarantee equality of results, accommodations will give students with disabilities the opportunity to live up to their potential for success.

There are four main steps to the accommodation process. Through all steps, it is important that the students, DSP&S, faculty and staff work as a team.

STEP 1: Student Completes the DSPS Intake

The student completes an intake and registers with Disabled Students Programs & Services.

STEP 2: Documentation Review by DSPS

Documentation of disability is reviewed and eligibility for services is determined.

STEP 3: Student and Faculty Meet to Discuss Issues

Instructor and student meet to discuss the specific accommodation needs.

STEP 4: Periodic Review of Accommodations

Students and instructors should periodically review the accommodations to ensure that they are effective.

The Team: Student, DSPS, and Faculty

We all want students to participate and compete equally in the classroom. Approach accommodations for students with disabilities as a team. Each of us has areas of expertise to contribute. DSPS is available to assist and support you and our students.

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