Committee on Instruction at College of San Mateo - Calendar & Deadlines
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Fall 2018 Final Exams
December 11-17, 2018
Winter Recess
Dec. 22, 2018 - Jan. 13, 2019
Deadline to pay Spring 2019 fees
January 3, 2019
Sexual Misconduct & Title IX
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Committee on Instruction

Calendar & Deadlines

COI meeting dates are listed below. Refer to the document Committee on Instruction Calendar (2017-2018) for specific deadlines for submission and editing of course proposals and program program proposals. 

Fall 2017 Spring 2018
8/24/2017 training only. No curriculum review.
2/22/2018 - limited course review. GE revision discussions.
3/22/2018 - limited course review. GE revision discussions.
4/12/2018 - limited course review. GE revision discussions.


COI meetings are scheduled from 2:15-4:00 on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month except in November, December, January and May due to the declared recesses, see schedule above. *The second meeting of the month in February,and April may be reserved committee work other than course or program approvals.

Permanent Courses
In order for a permanent number course to be included in the 2018-19 Catalog and Fall Schedule, it must be approved by COI by the December 7, 2017meeting. No new or revised permanent courses will be accepted for the 2018-2019 catalog after this date. If you are planning new courses, revising existing ones, or changing prerequisites, please be aware of this deadline.

Experimental Courses (680/880)
To be included in the Schedule of Classes, a 680/880 course must be approved as follows:

Summer 2018 Schedule - no later than December 7, 2017
Fall 2018 Schedule - no later than February 8, 2018
Spring 2019 Schedule - no later than May 10, 2018

If you have any questions, please contact your Division COI Representative or Teresa Morris, COI Chair.