Astronomy at College of San Mateo - QuickTime Videos
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Astro Movies
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Cover approx. 2,000 miles of lunar surface in this 2.75 minute video.
See if you can identify the "Apennine Mountains."
140mm refractor with Imaging Source DFK 31AF03.AS video camera.

Solar Prominence
Professor Stanford estimates 2 - 3 earths would fit inside
the distinct solar prominence in this 28 second video.
70mm Coronado solar scope, Philips ToUcam webcam

The ringed planet, imaged with our 20" RCOS telescope.
Cassini Division and cloud bands are visible in this 8 second video.
Imaging Source video camera.

Asteroid Flyby
Asteroid 2006VV2 drifted through campus skies March 31, 2007.
VV2 is .5 miles wide, and was then 2.1 millions miles away.
149, 15-second exposures were joined to create this movie.
140mm refractor, SBIG 6303 CCD camera.

Comet C/2006 P1 (McNaught)
The "Great Comet of 2007," McNaught is seen setting
behind the trees by Crystal Springs.
This is a combination of 42 images taken through a C8,
8" SCT telescope, with Nikon D200 DSLR camera.

Sun Spots
Sun spot group taken with Philips webcam March 26, 2007
8" SCT telescope operating at f/6.3.
Umbra and penumbra are clearly visible.
More sunspot info here

Total Lunar Eclipse
Watch the moon drift into Earth's shadow.
A combination of 155 images, at 15 second intervals.
140mm TEC refractor, Nikon D200 DSLR camera.
Aug. 28, 2007