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Meet the Faculty & Staff

Elisha PolomskiElisha Polomski
Title: Assistant Professor
Responsibilities: Astronomy
Years at CSM: Since 2018
Education: PhD, Astronomy, University of Florida; B.A., Astronomy, Wellesley College
Other Interests: Star and planet formation, Equity and Inclusivity, Canoeing the Boreal North

Mohsen JanatpourMohsen Janatpour
Title: Professor
Responsibilities: Math/Physics/ Astronomy, Coordinator of Astronomy Program
Years at CSM: Since 1979
Education: M.S., Mathematics, San Jose State University; M.S., Physics, San Jose State  University, Specialty: General Relativity
Other Interests: Painting, Art, and Philosophy of Art.

Darryl StanfordDarryl Stanford
Title: Professor
Responsibilities: Astronomy
Years at CSM: Since 1998
Education: B.S., Physics, Polytechnic Institute of New York; M.S., Solid State Physics, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada; M.S,. Astrophysics, University of Toledo
Other Interests: Riding my Harley, playing with my dogs, amateur astronomy, learning new languages, playing my conga
Darryl StanfordJustin Stevick
Title: Astronomy Lab Coordinator, Adjunct Faculty
Responsibilities: Astronomy
Years at CSM: Since 2015
Education: M.S., Astronomy, San Diego State University, Speciality: Exoplanets, Photometry; B.S., Astronomy (Minor in Physics), University of Hawai'i at Hilo
Other Interests: Photography, programming, backpacking, mountain biking

Michael GallienMichael Gallien
Title: Astronomy Lab Coordinator
Responsibilities: Astronomy
Years at CSM: Since 2018
Education: B.S., Astrophysics (Minor in Math), San Francisco State University, Speciality: Globular Clusters
Other Interests: Photography, travelling

Chandra Vanajakshi
Title: Adjunct Faculty
Responsibilities: Astronomy