Astronomy at College of San Mateo - Planetarium
Spring Recess
March 22-28, 2015
Memorial Day Weekend
May 23-25, 2015
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Upcoming Events

  • Texture and the Emotional Impact of Symvisio28th Presentation of Art & ScienceFri Apr 3, 2015 7:30 pm - 10:00 pmCSM Theatre Building 03

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    "The Sky Tonight" Planetarium Show
    Professor Stanford presents the night sky on second Fridays at 7:30 & 8:20 PM in CSM Planetarium. Free parking in Marie Curie Lot 5.

    Our next The Sky Tonight planetarium show is Friday, April 10.

    Free tickets are available on a first come basis, for 7:30 & 8:20 shows. 97 seats per show. Children 5 years and older please. No reservations, holding seats, food, or drinks in the planetarium. Arrive early for the first show, which is usually full. Shows begin on time, and doors are locked during the show.

    San Mateo County Astronomical Society holds their monthly meeting in CSM planetarium on first Fridays, beginning at 7:00 pm. The general public is invited to this FREE event. For more information call Ed Pieret at (650) 862-9602 or visit the SMCAS website.

    Planetarium System
    CSM has re-established America's first hybrid planetarium and the world's 1st GOTO-CHRONOS HYBRID planetarium. The system will consist of the GOTO CHRONOS opto-mechanical space simulator from GOTO Optical Mfg. Co., and dual Digistar3 SP2 HD projectors from Evans & Sutherland.

    The Chronos shows over 8000 stars to 6th magnitude, 26 deep sky objects, and the Milky Way. The D3 projectors, in conjunction with our Spitz ATM4 Theatre Automation System, presents all-dome, surround sound videos, planet fly-bys, Messier objects, and more!

    Project Star Gaze

    Project Star Gaze
    Professor Stanford showing spectra during Project Star Gaze.
    We're proud to continue our popular "Project Star Gaze" program for kids and teachers, in the planetarium. These shows give school children an exciting introduction to astronomy. Designed primarily for kindergarten through 5th graders, "Project Star Gaze" at College of San Mateo, offers children and their teachers experience with "real" science during free field trips to the planetarium. Our astronomy faculty tailor the workshops to each age group. CSM's planetarium has served thousands of students and visitors since 1963.

    Our facility is equipped with dual Evan & Sutherland Digistar 3 SP2 HD projectors and GOTO Chronos opto-mechanical space simulator. The planetarium seats 97 visitors. "Project Star Gaze provides an exciting venue for students to be introduced to scientific methodology and its application to everyday life. Each session includes a planetarium star show, plus demonstrations of solar system basics and spectroscopy.

    Recent studies recommend that elementary school children be exposed to dynamic, hands-on experiences with science. Early in their education, they need an understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of science and the scientific method. This program also exposes elementary school children to a college environment, helping to encourage lifelong learning and kindle an early interest in pursuing higher education. "Project Star Gaze" also represents CSM's commitment to its community. Partners providing a variety of critial project resources include: The San Mateo County Community College Foundation, and the San Mateo County Astronomical Society, which meets monthly in the planetarium.

    To schedule a free field trip, contact Professor Mohsen Janatpour at or call (650) 574-6272.