Community Relations & Marketing at College of San Mateo - Student Email Communication Requests
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Community Relations & Marketing

Student Email Communication Requests

If you have a CSM student email communication you would like distributed to all students, or to a particular student population, please email the following information to Dave McLain at at least 1 week prior to distribution date.
  • Provide target audience (for example: all current students, previous students-specific semesters, students applied not registered, etc.)
  • Provide target send date
  • Provide topic/subject
  • Provide brief text. If you have 'complex' information that needs to be communicated, please reference your website
  • Provide contact information
You will receive a confirmation of your request once submitted.  We will review the request and submit to Cabinet for approval (generally this happens within 1-2 business days). Once we have received Cabinet approval we will distribute the student message and provide confirmation back to the requestor.

If you have questions about this procedure please contact Dave McLain at