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March 29, 2024
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Institutional Committees
Human Resource Committee (HR)


The mission of the Human Resources Committee is to ensure that the College has provided sufficient personnel in all employee classifications to carry out the College mission and to support student learning in accordance with the College's Educational Master Plan and the Goals in the Strategic Plan.

The Human Resources Committee accomplishes its mission by:

  • Developing a long-term Human Resources plan that is aligned with the Strategic Plan's long-term goals of the college and the district.
  • Developing an annual assessment of the college's human resources needs in light of retirements and separations, and anticipated areas of problem growth or decline.
  • Developing an annual forecast of employee retirements and separations and using the results of the forecast to assist the Budget Planning Committee in their planning efforts.
  • Periodically assessing the college's classified staffing structure, instructional staffing structure, and administrative structure to ensure that these structures are aligned with current and future college needs.
  • Consulting, as needed, with the Budget Planning Committee to identify human resources impact within the Program Improvement and Viability (PIV) process.
  • Consulting, as needed, with the Academic Senate, the CSEA, Management Council, the Technology Committee, and the Diversity in Action Group to assess institution-level professional development needs in accordance with the College's Educational Master Plan.
  • Making recommendations to the Institutional Planning Committee with respect to human resource needs.
  • Periodically assessing the effectiveness of the Human Resource Committee.
Meeting Times -- Next meeting:


Name Representation Email Address Office Phone
Sandra Stefani Comerford (Chair) Administrator (650) 574-6337
Audrey Behrens Faculty (650) 574-6319
Kathy McEachron Classified Staff (650) 574-6216
Eileen O'Brien (Recorder) Faculty  (650) 574-6619 


Meeting Summaries

Committee Plan
Human Resources Plan (Revised Spring 2010)
Comments and Suggestions

Human Resources Plan Status Report, 2011