Institutional Committees at College of San Mateo - Administrative Groups
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Institutional Committees
Administrative Groups

For information about individual Administrative Groups, please contact the lead administrator.

President's Cabinet

Advises the college President on academic, student services, business, and personnel policy matters relating to the college; prepares recommendations on these matters for consideration by the President.

Membership:  President, Vice President of Instruction, and Vice President of Student Services. Meetings are held every Wednesday.
NameRepresentation/TitleEmail AddressOffice Phone
Kim Lopez (Chair) Acting President (650) 574-6118
Mike Holtzclaw Vice President of Instruction (650) 574-6404
Micaela Ochoa Vice President of Administrative Services (650) 574-6480

Management Council

Please visit the Management Council website.

Administrator's Council

Purpose: Discuss matters related to instruction and student services across programs and services
 Vice President of Instruction (Co-chair), Vice President of Student Services (Co-chair), College Deans; meets 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month.
NameRepresentation/TitleEmail AddressOffice Phone
Mike Holtzclaw (Co-chair) Vice President of Instruction (650) 574-6404
Kim Lopez (Co-Chair) Acting President (650) 574-6118
Lizette Bricker Dean, Enrollment Services and Support Programs (650) 574-6640
Tarana Chapple
Dean, Academic Support and
Learning Technologies (650) 574-6572
Laura Demsetz Dean, Creative Arts and Social Science (650) 574-6581
Heidi Diamond Dean, Business and Technology (650) 574-6532
Krystal Duncan Dean, Counseling, Advising, and Matriculation  (650) 574-6440
Charlene Frontiera Dean, Mathematics & Science  (650) 574-6312 
Hilary Goodkind Dean, Planning, Research, Innovation and Effectiveness (650) 574-6565
Micaela Ochoa Vice President, Administrative Services (650) 574-6480
Kristi Ridgway Dean, Language Arts (650) 574-6337
Andreas Wolf Dean, Kinesiology, Athletics, & Dance  (650) 574-6462 

Student Services Administrator's Council

Purpose:  Reviews, recommends, and coordinates student services matters for the college. 

Membership:  Vice President of Student Services (chair), Student Services Deans and Directors; meets every other Tuesday.
NameRepresentation/TitleEmail AddressOffice Phone
Lizette Bricker Dean, Enrollment Services & SP** (650) 574-6640
Kim Lopez (Chair) Acting President (650) 574-6118
Carol Newkirk-Sakaguchi Director, Disability Resource Center (650) 574-6642
Krystal Duncan Dean, Counseling & SSSP* (650) 574-6440
Sara Wojsko Director, Health Services (650) 574-6397

* Student Success Support Program
**Support Programs

Student Services Council

Please visit the Student Services Council website.