Astronomy at College of San Mateo - May 20 Solar Eclipse Images
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May 20 Solar Eclipse Images

Here we present images of the May 20 solar eclipse taken by CSM students and community members.

I prepared my students for the eclipse the week before and asked them to take some images. The images on our site were taken by my students, San Mateo County Astronomical Society (SMCAS) members, and others.   -Professor Stanford

Shuder eclipse
SMCAS member  -James Shuder       More images

Colette Rudd
Colette Rudd  -San Mateo

Nista eclipse
Eclipse sequence   -Jim Nista, Santa Barbara

Cardinale eclipse
Ring of Fire  -SMCAS member, Ron Cardinale

Ryan eclipse
Annularity  -SMCAS member, Mike Ryan

channan eclipse
Eclipse/Sunspots    -SMCAS VP, Channan Greenberg

Annularity - SMCAS president, Ed Pieret.
See Ed Pieret's "Ring of Fire" video.

CSM student Qihui Lin

"Sunspotter" - CSM professor  Darryl Stanford

Cliff Yi eclipse
CSM student Cliff Yi

Brandon eclipse
CSM student Brandon Ayala

Quinn eclipse
CSM student Quinn Sommer

"Fog Eclipse" - Quinn Sommer's Mom

leddy eclipse
Eclipse House, Redwood City - CSM professor Matt Leddy

may20 eclipse pacifica
Pacifica eclipse - CSM professor Darryl Stanford

box eclipse
"Pizza Box Eclipses" - CSM professor Darryl Stanford

martin eclipse
CSM student Kellen Martin

xio eclipse
Half Moon Bay CA - Xiomara Jarvis