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Administration of Justice
Student Testimonials

"Completing the Administration of Justice program at the College of San Mateo was a transformative experience, blending a comprehenisve curriculum on criminal law, community policing, and ethics with practical, hands-on training. Seasoned law enforcement officers, serving as faculty, brought lessons to life, enhancing my critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. This program not only deepened my understanding of the justice system, but also ingrained in me a commitment to ethical practices and community involvement. I am now confidently poised for a rewarding career in law enforcement, thanks to the exceptional education and opportunities the program provided, shaping me to positively impact society."

– Ahmad El-Gammal, Spring 2024

"The ADMJ program focuses on the teaching of a student through the application of learned material individually and in groups as a way to practice both people and work-field skills. I've found that the classes I've taken through the ADMJ program have all been fun and the professors I've had are people who genuinely love what they do and they have fun while doing it. Whther you're looking to complete an ADMJ degree, or just looking to take an ADMJ class to fulfill a credit, there's a range of classes available that can fit everyone's interest!"

– Yvette Morales, Spring 2024

"My name is Yuli and I am an Administration of Justice major at the College of San Mateo. Being a part of this program has taught me wonderful things about the world of law enforcement and court disciplines. I've learned that I don't need to be a police officer but can combine my love of helping people and passion for science to pursue a career in forensic science. Taking AJ courses has put me at the forefront of a massive amount of opportunities that help me look for a career that is right for me, in the criminal justice field."

– Yuliana Alcaraz, Fall 2023