Puente Project at College of San Mateo - Mentors
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Spring Recess
March 22-28, 2015
Memorial Day Weekend
May 23-25, 2015
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Puente Project
Puente Mentors

Mentors are a key component to accomplishing the mission and goals of the Puente Project. It is the intersection of English, Counseling and the Mentoring components that provide the foundational source of support for the Puentistas to reach their goals. Mentors offer insight, provide guidance, and share their experiences in college and on their chosen career path. Furthermore, Puente mentors can provide Puente students with exposure to a professional environment as well as an introduction to developing students' networking skills.

Puente Mentor Experience
CSM Puente Project is continuously seeking mentors. As a mentor,
you will make a difference in a Puente student's life by:
  • Developing a genuine encouraging relationship
  • Sharing your academic and career experiences
  • Providing encouragement and support to maintain an academic focus
  • Validating Puente students' strengths and potential as future professionals
  • Sharing strategies to overcome obstacles
  • Motivating Puente students to complete transfer goals
  • Be an additional resource as needed
Puente Mentor Expectations
  1. Complete the Puente Mentor Profile Form.
  2. Attend a Puente orientation/training session in Fall 2015 (Specific date/times TBD)
  3. Meet with your Puente Mentee 3 times a semester
  4. Attend Puente Student/Mentor mixer (once a semester)
  5. Attend Noche de Familia (Fall) and End of the Year Celebration (Spring)