Disabled Students Programs & Services at College of San Mateo - Visual Impairments
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Disabled Students Programs & Services (DSPS)

Visual Impairments

Students with visual impairments may experience eye strain while reading; inability to read ordinary print, poor quality print, or certain colors of print; and sensitivity to bright light. Most depend upon their hearing to acquire information.

Classroom Strategies

Low Vision

  • Seating near front of class
  • Recording lectures
  • Large print handouts, lab signs, and equipment labels
  • TV monitor or CCTV device connected to microscope to enlarge images
  • Class assignments, exams and notes made available in large print, Braille or electronic format
    (computer file)
  • Computer equipped with software to enlarge screen text and images for exams and assignments


  • Lecture notes, handouts, and texts in Braille or electronic text
  • Recording lectures
  • Verbal descriptions of visual aids such as notes on chalkboard, slides, diagrams, maps
  • Class assignments, exams and notes made available in large print, Braille or electronic format
    (computer file)
  • Lab assistant when appropriate
  • Computer with optical character reader and voice output
In accordance with disability law, students who are blind or who have visual limitations are entitled to printed information in alternate formats. Class examinations and handouts must be made available to students on the same day they are distributed to non-disabled students. The Assistive Technology Center can provide alternate formats of your printed material but materials must be received at least a day in advance due to the time necessary to prepare the materials. Please keep in mind that last minute assignments can present a problem due to preparation and reader scheduling.

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