Dental Assisting at College of San Mateo - Schedule Options
Dental Assisting
Schedule Options

Which schedule is right for you?
The Dental Assisting Program offers two pathways to reach your Dental Assisting Certificate at College of San Mateo. Please review both options, consider your life style and demands on your time and choose what would work best. Please contact Caryn Goldman, Instructional Aide, with any questions regarding the schedules after reviewing. There are no evening or summer dental assisting classes at College of San Mateo. 
Schedule Options 10 Month program
The 10-Month program offers the quickest access to the workforce. Following this schedule, students will graduate from the dental assisting program with their certificate in two semesters (Fall & Spring). They will also be eligible to sit for both their State (RDA) and National (CDA) Examinations upon graduation.  Students in the 10-Month program have a demanding schedule and are in classes most of the day Monday-Friday.

Begin the program part-time
Students who need a slower pace for learning and comprehending the material or want to complete the General Education Requirements before entering the core of our program may start the program part-time. During the first semester you can take two Dental Assisting Classes and some or all of the General Education Requirements. During the second semester you can take one Dental Assisting Class and some or all of the General Education Requirements. Please be advised if you begin the program part-time you will still need to apply for the 10-Month program during your second semester and are not guaranteed a spot for the following year. You must begin the program during the Fall semester.

Class Schedules
10 Month Program Part-time Schedule for 1st Year