Associated Students of College of San Mateo (ASCSM) at College of San Mateo - Mission Statement
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Fall 2016 Final Exams
December 11-17, 2016
Winter Recess
December 23 - January 2
Fall 2016 grades available
Wednesday, January 4
Sexual Misconduct & Title IX
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Associated Students of College of San Mateo (ASCSM)
Mission Statement

The Associated Students of College of San Mateo are dedicated to representing our diverse student body and advocating their needs, concerns and values on a college, district, state, and national level. We shall make fair, ethical, and informed decisions about relevant issues that affect students while keeping their best interests at heart. We shall further strengthen student connections with the campus community and actively engage students through innovative programs that enhance student success both socially and academically. We will ensure an open, supportive, and welcoming environment for our students and surrounding community with faculty, staff, and administration. The Associated Students will provide resources to educate students about their rights and responsibilities. Lastly, we will strive valiantly to be positive role models, who lead by example, in both academic and extra-curricular programs.