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February 2024

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Homeschool Events, SkyZone Recap, How the MC Staff spent Winter Break, the History of Valentine's Day... and more!

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February 23: Applications Close


March 15: MC Dance


March 24-30: MC Spring Break


April 1-5: CAASP Testing


April 9: New Families Info Night

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Middle College Spring 2024 Orientation

By: Shana Singh, Writer

As we kickstarted the spring semester, we were welcomed with excitement during a two-day-long orientation filled with nostalgic fun and joyful activities. Themed around "reconnecting with our inner child," the event was a wonderful start before beginning the academic year, thanks to the efforts of our Sunshine Club and advisors.


Aaron Roytman, Vice President of the Sunshine Club, expressed the importance of embracing community and bonding, along with, "help us feel childish and rediscover our child-like imagination." The club curated a range of activities aimed at fostering a sense of joy and friendship among students. The first day was packed with classic games such as Zoo Keepers and Zebras, Heads Up 7 Up, and Sharks and Minnows. These games, chosen for their popularity among club members, brought laughter and energy to the event. Students were grouped into animal teams, adding a playful twist to the competitions.


On the second day, the excitement soared as we visited Skyzone, a trampoline park where we bounced, flipped, and soared through the air. It was a day filled with pure, unadulterated fun as we embraced our inner child and let go of all nervousness. Reflecting on the event, participants shared their experiences of joy and engagement. The orientation not only served as a platform for students to unwind but also strengthened bonds within the Middle College community.


As we dive into the semester ahead, let's carry forward the spirit of playfulness and camaraderie built during orientation, reminding ourselves to embrace the joy of childhood amidst the rigors of academic life.

How did the MC Staff spend Winter Break?

By: Michaela Gonzalez, Editor-In-Chief

Over winter break Mr. Letke flew out to Los Angeles to watch the LA Kings Hockey game in a suit owned by a famous musician (identity concealed). Also in LA, he watched his friend’s band reunite for the first time, since the 90s, for one night. Over his “great break," he rewarded himself with many naps.

Redgate had a lovely stay with her partner’s family in Santa Fe for Christmas. A silly tradition of theirs is to dress up as celebrities every Christmas Eve. Redgate and her partner were Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake in their slick all-denim fit. She snuck in a couple of snowboarding sessions before flying to her family in Long Beach.

Over the break, Ms. Block took a trip to Sedona as her first trip without her daughter. Then, her and her family traveled to Waikiki, Hawaii and shopped, ate amazing food, and hiked the beautiful trails.

In her rewarding Winter Break, Ms. B piled in many activities in her free time. Unfortunately, one of them could not be fulfilled after she came down with a sickness and was unable to go to Disneyland. Although unable to go on her favorite ride, Thunder Mountain Railroad, she still threw a disco party for New Year’s Eve, traveled to downtown Santa Cruz, and visited the Filoli Gardens while President Biden was staying there.

Mr. Lance took a 10-hour drive to have a beautiful stay at Death Valley for $40 a night at a little Airbnb. During this vacation, Mr.Lance saw breathtaking sunrises and hiked all around the area.


Over the Winter Break, Ms. Poblete visited Lake Tahoe in the most prime time to ski with her family.

Our beloved front desk smile, Ms. Nina, took herself to Las Vegas over Winter Break to meet with a friend from high school in the Philippines. She and her family also went to the Valley of Fire State Park and The Strat Hotel to ride the X-Scream ride.

Shadow Week at Middle College

Exploring the Future

By: Joey Situ, Writer/Editor

From February 6th-9th, all San Mateo High School District Sophomores were given the opportunity to shadow at CSM’s Middle College program. Students who were considering our program came up to visit the beautiful campus and to be taken around by our students and staff. All members of Middle College had a different role in fostering and assisting the Sophomores to come to an informed decision about our program. First, the MC staff members held a meet-and-greet followed by an introduction to the day ahead. Then, Juniors toured the Sophomores around the campus, showing them the incredible library, cafeteria, and lecture halls. Afterwards, Seniors participated in a “Senior Panel” where they talked about the benefits and impacts Middle College has had on their lives and future aspirations. Finally, everyone came together to help the Sophomores with burning questions about the application process, and any unanswered questions were taken to lunch where Sophomores and their tour guides (the Juniors) sat and had lunch together to close each day.

A big THANK YOU to our MC Community Fund Donors!

Your contributions help to make events like this happen; we are so grateful!

Anne Marie Albizo

Laura E Bent and Gary R Cockrell

Esmond Chia

Kevin Chiu

Hilary and Edgar Coral

James Cowan

Brian and Julie Field

Nicki Fitzgerland

Tanya Gaitan

Ed Gilbert

Laurence Gowdy

Sarah Hubbard

Michael Jarrett

Leslie Kramer

Daniela Relaford

Lisa Lake

David Lau

Neil M Peretz Thao M Le

Rebecca Yook Lee

Janel Levedaux

Rana Lotti

Shawn McNamara

Dacheng Peng

Ran Petel and Amanda Petel

Anne Marie Perez

Sushant Prasad

Manoj K. Sahu

Tracy and Michael Young

Please consider donating to our community fund! The funds help offset the costs of field trips, guest speakers, events, and supplies for our spring and fall Community Days - events that bring all Middle College students together. We accept Square donations or checks made out to San Mateo Middle College. Any staff member can accept these donations, or you can mail a check to 1700 W. Hillsdale Blvd., Building 12, Office 213, San Mateo, 94402

Homeschool Events for Spring 2024!

By: Kiana Gowdy, Writer/Editor

While Middle College offers plenty of extracurricular opportunities and activities for students to engage in, there are still many more available through our home schools. This includes things like dances, senior activities, concerts, and musicals that you can watch or take part in. Whether you decide to participate at your homeschool or not is up to you, but just so that it is on your radar we have collected a brief overview of what will be happening this spring semester. 


District-wide event: Pride Prom, CSM on February 23 (see flyer below)


  • Spring Play: Clue March 21-24
  • Knight Moves Dance Show: April 25-27
  • Senior Knight: May 17
  • Senior Day: May 20
  • Prom: April 13 (subject to change)
  • Spring Concert: May 16, 22

San Mateo

  • Mateo Motion - May 3-4
  • Prom: April 12
  • Spring Play: William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night or What You Will: April 18-21
  • Senior Activity Day: May 17
  • Spring Concert: May 8
  • Graduation ceremony: May 30


  • Spring Play: Murder on the Orient Express March 21-24
  • Prom: April 19
  • Dance Showcase: May 10-11
  • Jazz Concert: March 1
  • Senior Sunset: May 24


  • Spring Musical: Footloose March 15-17, 22-24
  • Prom: May 18


  • Spring Musical: Bye Bye Birdie April 19,20,26,27
  • Prom: May 4
  • Film Festival: May 10
  • Senior Picnic: May 24


  • Spring Musical: Chicago March 21-23
  • Spring Dance Concert: April 19-20
  • Senior Activity Day: May 28
  • Spring Music Concert: May 2,3

The History of Valentine’s Day

By: Corvidae Luz Dulcey (She/They), Writer

Every year, Valentine’s Day celebrates love. People flock to buy chocolates and gifts for friends, lovers, or themselves. It’s yet another annual excuse for the most American of pastimes: consumerism. That is why it may come as a shock to some that Valentine’s Day did not originate as some modern invention intended to boost sales, but rather as a religious holiday. That’s right, Valentine’s Day is in fact Saint Valentine’s feast day in Christianity.


St. Valentine was a Roman bishop of Terni who lived in the third century, during a time when Rome was persecuting Christians. There are a few different legends about him, such as the time he was arrested and convinced the judge to convert to Christianity after healing his daughter’s blindness. Another legend states that when he was arrested again for evangelizing and sentenced to death, he wrote a letter to the girl he cured signed “from your Valentine.” This story claims to explain the origin of Valentine’s cards. One of the more well-known legends, however, states that Valentine illegally performed Christian weddings for Roman couples, who would then be exempt from the military draft. It was because of this that Valentine was executed in this particular version of the story. Regardless of differences, Valentine was martyred on 14 February under the reign of Emperor Claudius Gothicus. He was tortured before being decapitated. His skull can be seen on display in the Basilica of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, in modern-day Rome, Italy.

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