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Institutional Committees

College Auxiliary Services Advisory Committee

Purpose: To work in collaboration and partnership with Auxiliary Services Enterprises in endeavors to support hospitality provided to students, faculty/staff and community members in efforts to assurances to best service and selection while driving profitability.

Auxiliary Services as a financially self-supporting entity seeks enthusiastic, professional business minded attendees with mindfulness to the far-reaching student support of Auxiliary through profitability and prudent business practices and with demonstrated business acumen.

Financial reporting and review in relation to supportive service processes and business development will include the campus Bookstore, Market & Paws for Coffee: the campus food services operations: Pacific Dining: Terrace Grill, Le Bulldog Café, and Pacific Dining Catering; College of San Mateo – Athletic Center; Vending Services (currently Canteen & Pepsi).

The committee works with the District Auxiliary Services Advisory Committee and Director of Auxiliary Services and Enterprises to promote best service, selection and hospitality in alignment with attainable, goal appropriate student requests and needs

Committee Representatives: Will be selected annually from classified staff, KAD division and general faculty, students and administration; the Owner of Pacific Dining and the Bookstore Manager, Athletic Center Team & Vending Representatives. The committee will meet at least once per semester and conduct further meetings as needed.