Guided Pathways at College of San Mateo - Inventory Project
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Guided Pathways
Inventory Project

The CSM Inventory Project: Creating Maps for CSM Degrees and Certificates
We know that students face challenges in selecting their courses and in trying to complete their program in two years. To help better communicate course and program options to students, CSM is creating maps for degrees and certificates to reflect our students' realities. There will be maps for completing programs in two‑years full-time, three-years full-time, and part-time. 

CSM faculty and counseling staff have created inventories of the courses and sequences needed to map more than 20 degree and certificate programs. The first batch of inventories was completed in 2019-2020 academic year. 

What's next?
The Guided Pathways Steering Committee is identifying an online platform to publish final drafts of submitted degrees and/or certificates. The Steering Committee will communicate with you prior to publishing any of your submissions. For any questions, reach out to your Guided Pathways Division Representative

What's the difference between an SEP and an program map?

Maps are not Student Educational Plans because they will not be specifically customized for a particular student. These maps will become general guides -- a tool used by students, counseling faculty, discipline faculty, and support staff -- that allow students to have better-informed conversations with their counselors and help create an SEP that works best for them. 

How does this differ from what is already offered by Counseling?
Though students report great experiences in their one-on-ones with counselors and find developing their Student Educational Plans helpful, these meetings are a mere 30 minutes. Students have asked for more.

In student focus groups over the past two years, CSM students have asked for direct course recommendations and more advising apart from counseling sessions. They have requested that we make it easier and clearer for them to know what their options are for study, what courses they should take, and in what order and combination. Specifically, they want guidance that is easily available on our website and in printed materials to help them better navigate their numerous choices of programs and courses.