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Disability Resource Center (DRC)

Learning Disabilities Services

The Learning Disabilities (LD) Specialist supports students in attaining their academic goals. They offer strategies for learning difficulties, make recommendations for accommodations, and foster self-advocacy skills. 

What is a Learning Disability?

A person with a learning disability has an average to above-average intelligence, yet has significant differences in how they take in, remember, understand, and express information and/or have significant differences in their ability to learn versus their academic achievement levels. Learning Disabilities can affect reading, writing, oral language, and mathematics, and is lifelong.

What are some of the characteristics of learning disabilities?

  • You have a history of learning difficulties.
  • You feel that you work harder than your peers to obtain your grades.
  • You have repeated math and English courses.
  • You run out of time when taking exams.
  • You are on academic probation or dismissal for poor grades.

How to receive services:

  • With documentation

    To be eligible for services, students who already have verification of a learning disability should contact the Disability Resource Center to make an appointment with our Counselor or LD Specialist to review documentation and make recommendations.
  • Without documentation

    Students who believe they may benefit from our services, please contact the DRC office to complete an intake packet and make an appointment to meet with the LD Specialist to discuss the learning disability evaluation process.

How do you determine who will be assessed for a learning disability?

Whether a student is recommended to continue with the assessment process is based on many factors including; history of difficulties, effort versus results, history of repeating classes and other factors. If further assessment is the appropriate next step, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled with the Learning Disabilities Specialist to begin the assessment process. Offered are one-on-one appointments.