Career Services at College of San Mateo - What's Your Why?
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Career Services

What's Your Why?

What's Your Why LogoEveryone has talents, gifts, skills, and abilities that they can offer in this world. Everyone has purpose. We are committed to helping students realize how their skills, abilities, natural desires and interests can turn into meaningful life work with a livable wage.

Our Career Counselors are here to help students articulate and discover their purpose, which leads to a particular area of focus or pathway. Once students are clear about their area of focus, then they can begin meeting with General and Career counselors to develop their path (the “How”). Once students are equipped with their purpose and their path then they are ready to explore the possibilities (“the What”) open to them.

Purpose Path Possibilities
Why How What

Often times we reverse this order:
What's Your Why MP3We see someone who we believe to be successful and focus on their possibilities: Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, Nurse, Teacher, etc. We study their path. However, in the midst of following someone else’s path, we miss our own purpose and either never achieve the intended goal or we are unfilled when we reach it.

This year the Counseling Division has started a campaign to challenge CSM students, staff, faculty and managers to declare their “Why” and to utilize their gifts, skills, talents and abilities to enrich our campus community.

Visit the Counseling Center in College Center Building 10, Room 340 or call (650) 574-6400 to make an appointment with a Career Counselor.