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Career/Major Exploration

Let us help you explore and navigate career pathways aligned with your "why." 

Want to hear first-hand stories about what it is like to pursue a particular career pathway? Check out Roadmap to Careers by Roadtrip Nation, a database of hundreds of interviews with professionals all walks of life.
CSM students - view detailed instructions for creating a Roadtrip Nation / Roadmap to Careers account.

Roadtrip Nation
Additional resources can be found using the links below, or you can make an appointment to meet with one of our career counselors by calling (650) 503-4207.


  • Start with MyMajors, an online, self-guided interest and skills assessment tool that will match your profile with suggested CSM majors. Take your results to your counseling appointment to discuss your major and career possibilities.
  • 16 Personalities
    Discover your personality type by taking a personality test.
  • Eureka
    Multiple career assessments that will match you to different career fields. Contact us with your G number for your free registration code.
  • Career Coach
    Career assessment which recommends careers suited to you and shows you the educational programs needed to get there.
  • Ten Questions to Discover Your Future
    Questions to help you discover your path.

What can I do with a major in. . . ?

Explore a variety of majors and related careers.  Don't see your major listed? Drop us an email and we will send related resources to you.

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