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Career Services
Career/Major Exploration

Let us help you explore and navigate career pathways aligned with your "why." 

Career Assessment

Self assessments can help you clarify your interests and skills and establish a starting point for career exploration. Start with these brief assessments to begin the process:
  • MyMajors
    Self-guided interest and skills assessment tool that will match your profile with suggested CSM majors. Take your results to your counseling appointment to discuss your major and career possibilities.
  • Eureka
    Skills assessments and other brief self-assessments that will match you to different career fields.
    Contact us with your student G number for your free registration code.
  • MyPath Assessment
    California Community Colleges interest assessment that recommends careers suited to you and shows you the educational programs needed to get there.
Make an appointment with a CSM Career Counselor, who can administer and interpret these comprehensive career assessments:
  • MBTI Personality Assessment
    Personality assessment comparing your results to occupations that best fit your unique personality, and predicting how likely it is that you’ll be satisfied in those occupations
  • SII Interest Assessment
    Interest assessment that identifies careers, jobs, and activities that closely align with your interests

What Can I Do With a Major In. . . ?

Explore a variety of majors and related careers. Don't see your major listed? Contact us and we will send related resources to you.

Career Pathways

Career Classes

  • Take a look at the Career Classes offered at CSM. These courses are designed to help CSM students explore majors and careers.