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Implementation Timeline

Beginning in Spring 2016, the San Mateo County Community College District adopted a new learning management system called Canvas. The move to Canvas aligned the three district colleges with the Online Education Initiative of California Community Colleges that strives to provide California community college students with a uniform distance education platform. 

While different from the previous LMS, WebAccess, Canvas provided a full-service, comprehensive, learning management system to enable faculty to provide the best online support for both online and on-campus courses. See the January 13, 2016 Board Report for details. 

On June 6, 2017, SMCCCD fully transitioned to the Canvas Learning Management System as outlined in the Canvas Implementation Plan.

Courses were migrated throughout the district based on the following schedule:
  • Summer 2016The initial summer 2016 group will pilot 21 courses across the district on Canvas
  • Fall 2016180 additional courses launched across the district on Canvas
  • Spring 2017300 additional courses launched across the district on Canvas
  • Summer 2017: All courses on Canvas platform