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Associated Students of College of San Mateo (ASCSM)
ASCSM Boards and Committees

Executive Cabinet 
The ASCSM Executive Cabinet, which is comprised of the AS President, the AS Vice President, the AS Finance Director, the AS Secretary, the AS Vice Chair, the Advocacy Board Chair, and the Programming Board Chair, is responsible for the administrative matters of the Associated Students. Executive Cabinet is also responsible for recommending an annual budget to the Student Senate, for making recommendations regarding appointments to the AS President, and for monitoring the activities of the Associated Students.

Advocacy Board 
The ASCSM Advocacy Board is charged with advocating locally, statewide, and nationally on issues that impact community colleges and community college students. The Advocacy Board lobbies local elected officials, state legislators in Sacramento, and national decision makers in Washington, DC. The Advocacy Board also works closely with the Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC) on statewide issues.

Equity Affairs Board 
The ASCSM Equity Affairs Board plans, organizes, promotes, executes, and evaluates events that recognize and celebrate the unique diversity of the CSM community.

Programming Board 
The ASCSM Programming Board is responsible for planning, organizing, executing and evaluating social and co-curricular events and activities. Examples of past events include Welcome Week, Fall Harvest Festival, Latino Heritage Week, Holiday Angels Toy Drive, and Spring Fling.

Public Relations Board 
The ASCSM Public Relations Board is responsible for planning, coordinating, and executing the advertising and promotion of ASCSM events, activities, services, and programs on campus, online, and as otherwise directed by the Student Senate.

Inter Club Council 
The Inter Club Council is responsible for coordinating events and activities to promote interest and awareness of student clubs and organizations; for recommending expenditures from budget accounts earmarked for supporting student clubs and organizations events and activities to the Student Senate; and for providing a forum for communication between the Associated Students and the Center for Student Life with active student clubs and organizations.

Election Commission
The ASCSM Election Commission is responsible for assisting the Center for Student Life & Leadership Development in coordinating and overseeing ASCSM elections. The Commission is responsible for helping to create, interpret, and enforce guidelines designed to ensure the fairness of the election process. Meets as needed.

District Student Council
The District Student Council (DSC) is comprised of the student trustee and the president and vice president from each of the district's colleges. The group coordinates issues of common concern, plans district-wide events and activities, and provides feedback from the campuses to the student trustee.