Sustainability at College of San Mateo - Sustainability Committee
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December 11-17, 2018
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Sustainability Committee


Sustainability Committee CSM Sustainability Committee Vision Statement
CSM will be a model for sustainability, inspiring and empowering our community to implement sustainable economic and environmental practices and promote social equity in all aspects of the college’s mission and operations.

By adopting our Sustainability Plan, CSM commits to address the impacts of climate change and develop green curriculum to educate students to the challenges of the 21st century.

CSM Sustainability Plan
College of San Mateo has developed a campus-specific Sustainability Plan. Sustainability is defined as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” The purpose of this Sustainability Plan is to prepare College of San Mateo for the anticipated environmental and regulatory challenges of the 21st century, to guide the campus towards becoming a more sustainable institution, and to prepare students for the green economy.

Membership Guidelines
A faculty member or an administrator chairs the Sustainability Committee. The Committee has these key positions: Chair and Secretary. The Committee meetings are held monthly during the academic year, and meetings are open to anyone in the campus community. The Sustainability Plan was approved through shared governance and has the following required members: faculty representative(s), facilities representative(s), and student government representative(s). The Plan also specifies that a member of the CSM Sustainability Committee attend the monthly District Sustainability meetings.


Name Representation Email Address Office Phone
Barbara Jones Faculty, Chair  
Paul Hankamp Faculty (650) 574-6626
Charlene Frontiera Dean, Math/Science (650) 574-6312
Katrina Relos Student Senate  
Michele Rudovsky Facilities Staff (650) 574-6577
Ellen Young Faculty, Secretary  
Viji Raman SMCCCD Staff (650) 574-6418
Mary Vogt SMCCCD Staff (650) 574-6198
Rebecca Alex Faculty (650) 574-6291
Gwen Alldredge SMCCCD Staff (650) 358-6819
Catherine Ciesla Faculty (650) 574-6255
Kathy Diamond Faculty (650) 574-6602
Hilary Ego SMCCCD Staff (650) 358-6823
Rani Fischer Faculty  
Joseph Fullerton SMCCCD Staff (650) 358-6848
Judith Hunt Faculty (650) 574-6370
Mohsen Janatpour Faculty (650) 574-6272
Alicia Frangos SMCCCD Staff (650) 378-7329
Theresa Martin Faculty (650) 574-6252
Isabella Colombo Student  


Agendas Minutes


Agendas Minutes