Phi Theta Kappa at College of San Mateo - Officer Descriptions
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Phi Theta Kappa
Officer Descriptions

All officers
  • All officers need to attend weekly meetings
  • Officers are representatives of Phi Theta Kappa on and off campus and should act with professionalism and maturity
  • Maintenance and monitoring of an active email account is required
  • If an officer is not fulfilling his/her duties, a replacement can be appointed
  • Prepare meeting agendas and lead meetings
  • Appoint and establish necessary committees
  • Develop goals for the chapter with help from other officers and advisors
  • Oversee chapter projects and award entry preparation
  • Help develop teamwork amongst chapter members
NOTE*  As president(s) you should be familiar with all officer positions, and have extensive knowledge of the hallmarks, service topics, and honors study topics as well as make yourself available to all your officers and members)

Vice President of Finance
  • Work with advisors to create, present, and revise, if needed, an annual budget
  • Help make financial decisions for the chapter (with advisors)
  • Present to ICC and Senate for any funding needs
Vice President of Leadership
  • Inform members of leadership development opportunities both on and beyond the campus
  • Encourage the development of leadership skills within the chapter
  • Assist in writing the officer awards
Vice President of Scholarship
  • Be familiar with the Honors Study Topic
  • Help plan, implement, and do the write up for the Honors in Action Project
  • Encourage and recognize academic excellence
Vice President of Service
  • Help plan, implement, and do the write up for the College Project
  • Promote collaboration with Alpha Gamma Sigma on campus
  • Create and implement one community service event per year
  • Take and present minutes at each chapter meeting
  • Maintain the chapter calendar of events
  • Keep and update the PTK flash drive containing important files, such as: planning documents from previous years, minutes, forms, bylaws, etc.
  • Maintain a chronology of all chapter events on the Facebook that includes but is not  limited to: Photos, summaries and accounts of events
Vice President of Communication
  • Use the MailChimp to contact members
  • Compile and update contact information for members
  • Maintain mass e-mail list of all active and inactive members
  • Takes on the role of historian when needed
Vice President of Fellowship
  • Encourage scholarly fellowship at all levels of the society
  • Create and implement one fellowship event each semester including students from at least two other chapters
  • Help facilitate and/or plan the Induction each semester
I.C.C. Representative
  • Representing PTK by participating in weekly Inter Club Counsel meetings
  • Provide information about PTK to I.C.C members
  • Communicate with other clubs on campus
  • Announce PTK activities
  • Report important topics from ICC at weekly PTK meetings
Alternate ICC Representative
  • Perform the ICC Representative‚Äôs duties if he/she is unable to do so