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Careers in Mathematics -
Applied Mathematician

What is applied mathematics?

Applied mathematics is mathematics applied to real world problems. Many areas of mathematics have applications to the world. Some areas of mathematics deal very heavily with application, for example numerical analysis (the mathematics of getting good approximations), differential equations (with lots of applications in physics and engineering, among other areas), and linear algebra.

What kinds of problems do applied mathematicians work on?
An applied mathematician starts with a real world problem posed by an engineer, a biologist, a business executive, or whoever else needs a problem solved. The Mathematician builds a mathematical model from the information surrounding the problem and uses it to get solutions. Then the model may be tested and improved.

Who hires applied mathematicians?
Some employers of applied mathematicians include computer companies (hardware and software), engineering firms, aerospace companies, financial companies, government agencies, and many, many others.

Where can you study applied mathematics?
Many university math departments offer an applied math major as well as a pure math major. Here are some.

San Francisco State University
Sonoma State University
University of California at Berkeley
University of California at Santa Cruz
University of California at Davis
Stanford University

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