Institutional Data & Information at College of San Mateo - Instructional Program and Enrollment Data
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Institutional Data & Information
Instructional Program and Enrollment Data
Update of data from Educational Master Plan, 2008 (EMP)

Course Enrollments, Fall 2009 to Spring 2011
Degrees and Certificates
Comparative data spans academic years 2006/07 through 2009/10 for all CSM instructional programs. Data are organized in alphabetical order by program and by academic year.
Instructional Productivity and Efficiency
Comparative data includes program and collegewide data for Fall 2007 & Fall 2010. Data are organized by Fall 2010 WSCH, Magnitude, and Load.
Instructional Program Mix
Summary productivity data, Fall 2007 vs. Fall 2010, for Basic Skills, Transfer, CTE, PE (Kinesiology), and Pre-Collegiate. Data are organized by WSCH, FTEF, Enrollment, and Load.
Transfer to UC and CSU
Includes data for Majors and Degrees earned.