Institutional Data & Information at College of San Mateo - Instructional Programs
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Institutional Data & Information
Instructional Programs
  • Instructional Program and Enrollment Data
  • Scheduling of Classes—Time of Day/Day of Week
  • Integrated Scheduling—Curricular Offerings Analysis/Time of Day
  • Instructional Programs Offerings/Curriculum Mix Analysis
  • Distance Learning Enrollments and Trends
  • Distance Learning and Successful Course Completion
  • Distance Learning Outcomes vs. Comparable Traditional Classroom
  • Distance Learning and the Results of Student and Faculty Surveys
  • Instructional Productivity Analysis (WSCH/FTE/FTES/LOAD): Fall 2010
  • Waitlist Trends
  • Ranking of Instructional Programs Productivity and Efficiency in terms of:
  • Course enrollment F09 to Sp11