Institutional Committees at College of San Mateo - Institutional Planning Committee (IPC)
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Institutional Committees
Institutional Planning Committee (IPC)


NEW: For recent meeting handouts, see below.

Suggestions for IPC
The mission of the Institutional Planning and Budget Committee is to ensure the implementation and ongoing assessment of the institutional planning process.

The Institutional Planning Committee accomplishes its mission by:
  • Developing institutional priorities based on the SMCCCD Strategic Plan and the CSM Educational Master Plan.
  • Ensuring that budget allocations are based on institutional planning priorities and are relevant to the current fiscal environment.
  • Establishing measurable indicators for institutional priorities based on recommendations from the Office of Planning, Research and Institutional Effectiveness (PRIE), establishing targets for those indicators, and monitoring progress in meeting those targets
  • Ensuring that participatory governance is properly followed across all participatory governance committees
  • Ensuring the integration of the planning process, including, but not limited to a coordinated, institutional approach in addressing college priorities and the interrelationship among institutional plans.
  • Establishing regular communication with the campus community regarding the institutional planning process.
  • Assessing on an annual basis the effectiveness of the Institutional Planning Committee and the institutional planning process.
Mission and Tasks

NameRepresentationEmail Address
Kathy Blackwood Vice Chancellor, SMCCCD, (Ex Officio)
Juanita Celaya Classified Staff
Ji Yuon Chung Classified Staff (Business Services)
Michael Claire College President, (Ex Officio)
Sandra Stefani Comerford Vice President of Instruction
Laura Demsetz Dean, Social Science/
Creative Arts
Alicia Frangos Classified Staff
Fauzi Hamadeh Classified Staff
Mark Helsel Student Rep 
Kim Lopez Vice President, Student Services
(IPC Co-Chair)
Teresa Morris Faculty, (COI Chair)
Ludmila Prisecar Classified Staff (Business Services)
Anniqua Rana Interim Dean, ASLT, (DEETC Co-Chair)
Katrina Relos Student Rep
Erica Reynolds Classified Staff (Academic Support and
Learning Technologies)
Jan Roecks Vice President of Administrative
Richard Rojo Director, Community Relations,
Marketing & Outreach
John Sewart Dean, PRIE
Jeremiah Sims Director of Equity, Academic Support &
Learning Technologies
Laura Skaff Classified Staff
Elnora Kelly Tayag Director of Learning Commons
Mary Vogt Classified Staff (PRIE)
Jeramy Wallace Faculty (Language Arts) (IPC Co-Chair)
Andreas Wolf Dean, Kinesiology, Athletics
& Dance
Madeleine Murphy Chair, CAC
Ellen Young Chair, CAE Committee/PD Coordinator
Jesenia Diaz Co-Chair, LAC
Sarah Mangin Co-Chair, LAC
Colby Riley Student Rep

Agendas and Meeting Summaries

Agendas: 2017-2018
Fall 2017

Spring 2017
Fall 2016
Agendas: 2015-2016

Spring 2016
Fall 2015

Meeting Summaries: 2017-2018
Fall 2017

 Spring 2017
Fall 2016 Meeting Summaries: 2015-2016 Spring 2016
Fall 2015

Agendas & Meeting Summaries Prior to Fall 2016

Meeting Resources, Materials and Handouts

For documents and resources related to the IPC review of Program Review reports, see link below:

Guidelines for Submitting Proposals to Support New Initiatives 
Student Equity Plan

Fall 2017

Documents Distributed for 11-17-2017

Documents Distributed for 11-3-2017

Documents Distributed for 10-20-2017

Documents Distributed for 10-6-2017

Documents Distributed for 9-15-2017

Documents Distributed for 9-1-2017

Spring 2017

Documents Distributed for 5-19-2017

Documents Distributed for 5-5-2017

Documents Distributed for 4-14-2017

Documents Distributed for 3-17-2017

Documents Distributed for 2-3-2017


Fall 2016

Documents Distributed for 9-16-2016

Documents Distributed for 9-2-2016

Spring 2016
Documents Distributed for 4-22-2016
Documents Distributed for 4-8-2016
Documents Distributed for 2-5-2016
  • Proposed Goals for IPC, 1-5-2016
Fall 2015

Documents Distributed for 12-5-2015

Documents Distributed for 11-20-2015
Document Distributed 11-10-2015
Documents Distributed 10-16-2015
Documents Distributed 10-13-2015
Documents Distributed at IPC meeting, 9-18-2015
Documents distributed for August 28, 2015
Spring 2015
Documents distributed for April 17, 2015
Resource Requests Submitted as of April 15, 2015 
Long-Term Planning
Program Review Worksheets
Documents distributed for April 3, 2015:
Documents distributed for February 27, 2015: