2013 Self Evaluation at College of San Mateo - Evidence and Updates
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CSM 2013 Self Evaluation
2013 Self Evaluation

Evidence and Updates

Under development

The following evidence web addresses have been updated since publication of the report.

Org-26. San Mateo County Community College District Board of Trustees Agenda, July 24, 2013
II.A-163. SMCCCD Strategic Plan for Information Technology 2012-2016 (missing from evidence list)
IV.B.-128. Chancellor¹s Cabinet Agenda, November 22, 2011
IV.B.-129. Chancellor¹s Council Agenda July 17, 2012
IV.B.-133. Moody's Rating
IV.B.-134. S&P Rating
B-20. Institutional Research, Distance Learning Data and Reporting
B-25. Performance Evaluation Task Force Meeting Summary, April 22, 2013
I-7. International Student Center, How to Apply website
I-13. Featured Country of the Month - China (in The Bulldog Barks, CSM International Student Center Blog)