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2018 Program Reviews

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CTE Instructional    
  Accounting PR Accounting RR
  Administration of Justice PR Administration of Justice RR
  Architecture PR Architecture RR
  Biology & Health Science PR Biology & Health Science RR
  Building Inspection PR Building Inspection RR
  Business & Management PR Business & Management RR
  Computer Information Science PR Computer Information Science RR
  Cosmetology PR Cosmetology RR
  Dental Assisting PR Dental Assisting RR
  Digital Media PR Digital Media RR
  Drafting Technology PR Drafting Technology RR
  Electronics Technology PR Electronics Technology RR
  Engineering PR Engineering RR
  Fire Technology PR Fire Technology RR
  Microcomputer Applications Program PR Microcomputer Applications Program RR
  Nursing PR Nursing RR
  Real Estate PR Real Estate RR
  Anthropology PR Anthropology RR
  Art 2-D PR Art 2-D RR
  Art 3-D PR Art 3-D RR
  Art History PR Art History RR
  Astronomy PR Astronomy RR
  Chemistry PR Chemistry RR
  Communication Studies PR Communication Studies RR
  Economics PR Economics RR
  English & Literature PR English & Literature RR
  English as a Second Language PR English as a Second Language RR
  Ethnic Studies PR Ethnic Studies RR
  Film PR Film RR
  Geography PR Geography RR
  Geological Sciences PR Geological Sciences RR
  History PR History RR
  Kinesiology/Athletics/Dance PR Kinesiology-Athletics-Dance RR
  Library Studies PR Library Studies RR
  Mathematics PR Mathematics RR
  Modern Languages PR Modern Languages RR
  Music PR Music RR
  Philosophy PR Philosophy RR
  Photography PR Photography RR
  Physics PR Physics RR
  Political Science PR Political Science RR
  Psychology PR Psychology RR
  Sociology PR Sociology RR
Learning Support Centers    
  Communication Studies Center PR Communication Studies Center RR
  CSM Learning Center PR CSM Learning Center RR
  ESL Center PR ESL Center RR
  Integrated Science Center PR Integrated Science Center RR
  Math Resource Center PR Math Resource Center RR
  Writing Center PR Writing Center RR
Student Services    
  Admissions & Records PR Admissions & Records RR
  Assessment Center PR Assessment Center RR
  Career Center PR Career Center RR
  Child Development Center PR Child Development Center RR
  Counseling Services PR Counseling Services RR
  Financial Aid & Scholarships PR Financial Aid & Scholarships RR
  Health Services Center PR Health Services Center RR
  International Students Center PR International Students Center RR
  Multicultural Center PR Multicultural Center RR
  Psychological Services PR Psychological Services RR
  Student Life & Leadership Development PR Student Life & Leadership Development RR
  Transfer Services PR Transfer Services RR
  Veterans Services PR Veterans Services RR
Division Offices    
  ASLT PR ASLT (Distance Education) RR
    ASLT (Middle College) RR
  Business/Technology PR Business/Technology RR
  Counseling RR Counseling RR
  Creative Arts/Social Science PR Creative Arts/Social Science RR
  Kinesiology/Athletics/Dance PR Kinesiology/Athletics/Dance RR
  Language Arts PR Language Arts RR
  Math/Science PR Math/Science RR
  Student Services PR Student Services RR