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Multicultural Center

LGBTQIA+ Support Services

Change of Personal Information Form

Change your name & pronouns on class rosters without documentation.
Change of Personal Information Form
If you have questions about this form please contact the Multicultural & Dream Center.

LGBT+ Campus Resource 

Safe Zone Alliance (SZA) - LGBT Student Group

Contact: or Instagram @csm_sza
SZA is a safe place at College of San Mateo for students, faculty and staff to be themselves, regardless of gender identity, gender expression and/or sexual orientation. We will celebrate our diversity, promote awareness and raise consciousness through regular meetings, on and off campus activities and events, and social action.

Safe Zone Committee

Contact: Evan Kaiser (He/Him/His) 
Safe Zone Committee Co-Chair & ESL Faculty
The mission of the College of San Mateo Safe Zone Committee is to actively advocate for the emotional, physical, and intellectual safety of all LGBTQIQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, questioning) members of the CSM Community. Meetings are every 4th Wednesday of the month, email the co-chairs to get involved or request a training.

Multicultural & Dream Center (MCCDC)

College Center Building 10, Room 180
(650) 574-6120
Houses LGBT resources & services.

Center for Student Life & Leadership Development

Building 12, Room 211
(650) 574-6141
Study spaces; clubs and student government

Personal Counseling & Wellness Services

Building 1, Room 147
(650) 574-6396
Free, confidential counseling available to all students.
Personal Counseling is led by a team of caring counselors, ready to assist students.


Briana Avila, Professor, Communications 
(650) 574-6676

Evan Kaiser, Professor, ESL
(650) 574-6675

Katie Manbachi, Professor, History

Krystal Duncan, Dean, Counseling
(650) 574-6440

Catherine Firpo, Professor, Psychology
(650) 574-6172

Fauzi Hamadeh, Student Life & Leadership Assistant
(650) 574-6349

Joseph Martinez, Manager, Learning Center
(650) 574-5570
Paola Mora, Retention Specialist, Multicultural & Dream Center
(650) 574-6150

Gil Perez, Personal Counselor, Personal Counseling & Wellness Services
(650) 378-7291

Jackie Santizo, Faculty, Ethnic Studies

Aaron Schaefer, Student Life & Leadership Manager
(650) 574-6141

Liz Schuler, Professor, ESL/English
(650) 306-3336

Todd Windisch, Professor, ESL
(650) 574-6639 

Michael Vargas, Counselor 
(650) 574-6251 

All-Gender Restrooms

Building 1: Floor 2
Building 2: Floor 2
Building 3: Floor 2
Building 5: Floors 1 & 3
Building 9: Floor 2
Building 10: Floors 1, 3, & 4
Building 18: Floor 2
Building 19: Floor 1
Building 30: Floor 1
Building 33

Building 35
Building 36: Floors 1, 2, & 3
Softball Field