Learning Communities

The Village

M-Th 8 am - 2 pm
Friday 8 am - 12 pm

Mission & Purpose

The Village provides a space for Mana/Puente/Umoja students and club members to call their own on the CSM campus. This space is conceived in the spirit of being a positive social, academic and cultural space in which our cultural diversity is not only honored, valued and welcomed but recognized as an essential fabric of the CSM college community.

Whether you want to work on an essay, meet with the Mana/Puente/Umoja Coordinators, reserve the private study room, have a club meeting, or just relax in the social room and watch some television or heat up your lunch in the microwave, the Village is to be considered your Mana/Puente/Umoja home away from home while at CSM as you work towards reaching your academic goals.

Enjoy the space, respect the space and come on in!

Community Guidelines

This is a student-driven space to be considered your home away from home. We welcome your positive and respectful:
  • language
  • use of the space
  • appropriate behavior
Please remember to be considerate of the two primary functions of the Village - it is both a quiet academic space as well as a  social area! Respect for your Mana/Puente/Umoja peers is expected and greatly appreciated. With that said, take care of the Village as you would your own home, come on in and enjoy!