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Learning Communities


What are Learning Communities?
Learning Communities are cohort-based programs that link instructors across disciplines and connect people who share common academic goals and attitudes. CSM’s learning communities offer an innovative and exciting approach to learning designed for student success. While each program is unique, common features include:
  • Two or more classes working together with common themes, content, and materials
  • A group of students and faculty working collaboratively in a friendly, supportive atmosphere
  • An exploration of the connections between disciplines
  • Specialized counseling and transfer support, free tutoring, mentoring, and academic support
  • Enrichment activities like university field trips, cultural events, and guest speakers
  • Community involvement and internships
Why should I join?
Connecting with other students through a common interest is very important in your first year of college. Joining a learning community provides a more engaged and satisfied college experience. Learning community connections are intellectual (understanding the correlation between classes) and social (making close friends). By joining programs like the ones below, you will be part of a group of peers, instructors, counselors, and administrators who will help you succeed. In short, being a part of a learning community will enhance your experience at CSM!

Cultural Communities
Cultural Communities
Transitional Communities
Transitional Communities