Communication Studies at College of San Mateo - Communication Studies Center
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Communication Studies

Communication Studies Center

The Communication Studies Center has gone virtual!

While campus is closed, you can still get live, online help from our Instructional Aide, Jacqueline Swan, through Zoom during her office hours of Monday-Thursday, 8:00 am - 12:15 pm.

The Communication Studies Center will complement the classroom experience to engender excellence in oral communication in students. 


To fulfill this vision, the center:
  • Advocates for oral communication as an essential part of learning;
  • Cultivates an active-learning environment to develop student skills in speaking, listening, creative and critical thinking, and community-building;
  • Provides innovative technology and pedagogy, coupled with faculty and staff support, to enhance student learning;
  • Contributes through its initiatives to improve awareness and understanding of oral communication in the college community and beyond.
The Communication Studies Resource Center is a place where all may come to talk, think, and learn about oral communication.

Communication Studies Center (COMM LAB) SLO Assessment
Special Characteristics of CSM's Communication Studies Center
  • Individual consultation and personalized coaching by faculty
  • Videotaping of presentations
  • Content modules for self-paced review and improvement
  • Video, audio, and viewing and videotaping of presentations
  • Internet access, word processing, laser printing
To-Be-Arranged Hours (TBA) 

Communication Studies courses have a To-Be-Arranged  Hours (TBA) requirement. Instructors and students are required to participate in lab activities, such as video recording speeches; self-critiques; consultation with instructors; completion of modules online and/or on site; group meetings; and research.

Online Communication Studies Lab Resources
The resources below are being made available for access outside of the Communication Studies Lab. Please consult with your instructor or the Communication Studies Lab Instructional Aide for more information.
Contact Us

College Center Building 10
Room 220
in the Learning Center
(650) 574-6257

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Communication Studies Commencement
Spring 2015

Communication Studies Day 2015
Comm 170 Spring 2014 Performance