Communication Studies at College of San Mateo - Overview
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Communication Studies

The Communication Studies Center has gone virtual!

While campus is closed, you can still get live, online help from our Instructional Aide, Jacqueline Swan, through Zoom during her office hours of Monday-Thursday, 8:00 am - 12:15 pm

What is Communication Studies?
Communication Studies explores the ways we connect with one another through talk. As we speak, our words and actions become one. Our works allow us to influence change in the world. Our actions, in turn, affect how others perceive us and how we perceive ourselves. Dr. Judy Pearson observes:
  • As we extend ourselves to others, we become empathic.
  • As we treat others fairly, we become just.
  • As we respect difference, we become fully human.
Communication Studies provides learning opportunities to speak well, listen with understanding, and engage in positive action. Communication Studies will be valuable for a career in business, public relations, law, education, the social sciences, and drama.

Why Study Communication Studies at CSM?
CSM's award-winning Communication Studies program provides expert instruction and lab support to help you develop as a communication student and gain desirable skills in speaking and listening. In addition, our program offers:
  • The flexibility to design a Communication Studies curriculum that focuses on your interests and needs.
  • The opportunity to work with trained Communication Studies professionals and study collaboratively with classmates.
  • The chance to gain experience through a variety of learning opportunities, including access to our Comm Studies Lab and service learning projects.
What You Will Gain
Communication Studies courses will give you a foundation in communication that you can put to immediate use. You will find that the skills you learn in OUR courses will help you succeed in other subjects, in the workforce, as well as in your everyday lives. Students may also continue to build upon their knowledge and skills through taking more Communication Studies courses. In addition, the Communication Studies Department offers a certificate of completion (CS) and an associate of arts (AA) degree in Communication Studies or associate of arts for transfer (AA-T).

Special Characteristics of the CSM Communication Studies Department
  • Diverse faculty with specializations in different areas of Communication Studies
  • Model Teaching Program Award,Western States Communication Association
  • Teaching and Service Recognition:  
  • Master Teacher Award, Western States Communication Association
  • Full Time Faculty Award, Faculty Association for California Community Colleges
  • Regina Stanback-Stroud Diversity Award, Academic Senate for California Community Colleges
  • Day and evening course offerings to fit your needs
  • Communication Studies Resource Center to polish communication skills
  • Established the Kate Motoyama and Kramm Scholarship for Communication Studies, an annual scholarship for majors

Petelo Petelo Tuipolotu 
Fourth Scholarship Recipient
Grabiela Gabriela Topete Eng Goon
First Kramm Scholarship Recipient 
Contact Us

Dr. Yaping Li, Professor
(650) 574-6257
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Communication Studies Commencement
Spring 2015

Communication Studies Day 2015
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Communication Studies Commencement
Spring 2013