College Policies at College of San Mateo - Section A: Formal Process for Academic and Non-Academic Grievances
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College Policies
Section A: Formal Process for Non-Academic Grievances
(Excluding Grade Grievances)
  • Party - The student or any persons claimed to have been responsible for the student's alleged grievance, together with their representatives. "Party" shall not include the Grievance Hearing Committee or the College Grievance Officer.
  • Student - A currently enrolled student, a person who has filed an application for admission to the college, or a former student. A grievance by an applicant shall be limited to a complaint regarding denial of admission. Former students shall be limited to grievances relating to course grades to the extent permitted by Education Code Section 76224(a).
  • Respondent - Any person claimed by a grievance to be responsible for the alleged grievance.
  • *Day - Unless otherwise provided, day shall mean a day during which the college is in session and regular classes are held, excluding Saturdays and Sundays.