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CSM 2013 Self Evaluation
2013 Self Evaluation
2013 Self Evaluation Report Index of Tables and Figures
Notes: Four volumes comprise the 2013 Self Evaluation Report. The Index is organized by volume number, and figures and tables are linked to the appropriate pages in the volumes posted online.

Figures and tables are also grouped by broad thematic category and represent a variety of institutional research data.

Thematic categories included in the Index are

Volume One
  • External Community
  • High School Enrollment
  • Enrollment History and Trends
  • Student Profile
  • Employee Profile
  • Program Enrollment
  • Online Course Enrollment
  • Productivity and Efficiency
  • Student Success
  • Awards Earned
  • Transfer
  • BSI + ARCC Reports
  • Qualitative Surveys
  • Timeline for Self Evaluation Process
  • Planning Graphics
  • SLO's
  • Student Usage of Student Services
  • Program Information
Volume Two
  • Planning Graphics
Volume Three
  • College-wide Enrollment
  • College-wide Enrollment: English Course Progression
  • College-wide Enrollment: Math Course Progression
  • College-wide Enrollment: ESL Course Progression
  • Transfer Enrollment
  • CTE Enrollment
  • Basic Skills Enrollments
  • ESL Enrollment
  • Incoming Student Data
  • Graduates and Licensure Results
Volume Four
  • Study Abroad
  • Program Review
  • Distance Education