Scholarships at College of San Mateo - External Scholarships
External Scholarships

Karl S. Pister Leadership Opportunity Program - University of California, Santa Cruz Scholarship   
Due February 8, 2019

Enables outstanding UC-qualified junior-level community college students to complete their undergraduate studies at UC Santa Cruz. The program provides a $20,000 scholarship distributed over two years, mentoring and academic support, and assistance with
finding paid or volunteer summer work experience.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements:

  • Show exceptional achievement through academic and extracurricular accomplishments despite adverse socioeconomic conditions
  • Demonstrate an involvement in activities that assist and improve the lives of others
  • Exhibit outstanding leadership qualities that reflect the ideals of the Pister Program
  • Because of financial need, would not otherwise be able to attend UC Santa Cruz
  • Are qualified for Fall 2019 admission to UCSC as a new junior-level transfer student
  • Apply for financial aid by submitting the FAFSA or California Dream Act Application by March 2, 2019

Download the Karl S. Pister Leadership Opportunity Program scholarship application here. Submit your completed application to Karen Chadwick no later than February 8, 2019 to be considered for this scholarship. If you have any questions please call or email the Scholarship Coordinator, Karen Chadwick at or call (650)574-6514.

Silicon Valley Community Foundation Scholarships

2019 APPLICATIONS OPEN: January 7, 2019 + additional scholarships offered by SVCF may have various deadline date
Several opportunities for new, continuing and tranferring students.The Silicon Valley Community Foundation administers a variety of scholarship programs that grant up to $40,000 to high school, community college and university students. The majority of our scholarships are designated for current or former residents of San Mateo and Santa Clara counties.

For more information and how to apply please see

Hispanic Scholarship Fund
2019 APPLICATIONS OPEN: approximately December 2018
HSF General College Scholarships are designed to assist students of Hispanic heritage obtain a college degree. Scholarships are available, on a competitive basis, to: graduating high school seniors, community college transfer students, undergraduate students and graduate students.

For more information and how to apply please see

Chicana/Latina Foundation Scholarship Program

2019 application opens approx. January 2019
The purpose of the Chicana/Latina Foundation (CLF) Scholarship Program is to assist Chicana/Latina students in completing their undergraduate and graduate college education. We are committed to serving Latina women of all races and from all countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. We honor all roots of our communities.

For more information and how to apply please see

Pine Cone Foundation
2019 application opens approx. March 2019

The Pine Cone Foundation (PCF) is a 501c3 that awards multi-year scholarships to financially-disadvantaged students with documented learning disabilities across the state of California who aspire to attend community college. PCF is a private family foundation that is aiming to positively impact LD students' lives in California by making college more accessible and financially feasible. It was founded in 2015 to honor a beloved family member that passed away. The PCF scholarship program assists eligible students with documented learning disabilities who demonstrate academic promise and meet the Board of Governors Fee Waiver (BOGFW) criteria. Because the BOGFW waives enrollment fees, the award monies support students specifically with purchasing books and prescription glasses, as well as covering health service, student center, parking permit and Universal Transit Pass fees. 

For more information and how to apply please see

Scholarships Open to Undocumented Students
Within the link above please finds scholarships that have various deadlines and that are open to undocumented students. These scholarships are provided by external foundations, organization, and/or individual donors.

AB540/Undocumented Student Scholarship List
Within the link above please finds scholarships that have various deadlines and that are open to undocumented students. These scholarships are provided by foundations, organization, and/or individual donors.

Educators for Fair Consideration (E4FC)

Educators for Fair Consideration lists scholarships that don't require proof of U.S. citizenship or legal permanent residence. This carefully researched list contains 44 pages of up-to-date information about scholarships available for immigrant students that don't have U.S. citizenship or legal permanent residency as well as advice and tips for writing winning scholarship applications.

E4FC offers additional scholarship lists to use as a resource for scholarship searches.

MALDEF Scholarship Resource Guide

The MALDEF Scholarship Resource Guide is a free, informative resource guide for students, parents, and educators with an extensive list of scholarships, including many that do not inquire about immigration status.

Search for Scholarships

A number of local and national organizations offer scholarships to CSM students. These can be viewed on our Search for Scholarships page. Eligibility requirements vary and separate applications for these scholarships are available through the Scholarship Office. For specific dates and additional information, please contact the Scholarship/Financial Aid Office. 

Funding for CSM Scholarships comes from the San Mateo County Community Colleges Foundation. Founded in 1966, the Foundation raises funds for scholarships as well as educational programs at the District's three colleges. Contributions to the Foundation are received from many sources: individuals, businesses, civic groups, community organizations, and other foundations. 

The mission of the Foundation is to promote student success and nourish program innovation and excellence by providing special financial support for the District's colleges. 

For more information about the Foundation, please visit