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CSM Scholarships

The 2019-2020 College of San Mateo Scholarship Application is now OPEN!

 To view and apply for CSM scholarships, visit our Scholarship Opportunities page.
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Workshop Information
Need help filling out your scholarship application? Attend a Scholarship Application Workshop

Download instructions to help you complete the scholarship application.

If you have any questions please call or email the Scholarship Coordinator, Karen Chadwick at or call (650) 574-6514.

Please Note: Announcements will be sent out by email to "" email addresses first week in May for students who have both received and not received scholarship awards. Please read email thoroughly and follow directions.

2019-2020 Scholarship Awards Ceremony
All awarded scholarship recipients will be honored at the annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony. The ceremony will be at 6:00pm on Friday, May 10, 2019 in the CSM College Center, Building 10, Bayview Dining Room.

Please see External Scholarships for additional opportunities.

2018-2019 Scholarship Recipients

If you received a scholarship award you will receive half the scholarship amount in Fall 2018 and the second half in Spring 2019 (if your award is $500.00 or less you will receive 1 disbursement in Fall 2018).

In order to receive this award, you are required to do the following:
  • enroll full-time (12 units) (half-time enrollment exceptions apply to certain awards)
  • you MUST submit proof of enrollment if you are transferring to a four-year institution no later than February 1, 2019 (scholarship award will be forfeited if proof of enrollment is not received by February 1). Proof of your enrollment can be emailed to Karen Chadwick at
  • you must write a thank you letter to your donor and submit to Financial Aid/Scholarship office no later than June 24, 2018.

Promise Scholarship

The College of San Mateo Promise Scholarship is available to San Mateo County recent high school graduates and students who have recently completed their GED or Adult Education who enroll at College of San Mateo full-time and plan to earn a certificate or degree.

The Scholarship supports students by making college more affordable and ensuring that higher education is achievable for all members of our community. Students who do not receive the Promise Scholarship may be eligible for other types of financial support.

The scholarship is available to high school graduates and students who completed their GED or Adult Education program after December 1, 2017. The priority deadline is May 1, 2018.

For additional information about the Promise Scholarship or to apply please visit out Promise Scholarship page.