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Nursing Student Association

The nursing student association is a group that is linked to the state and national nursing student organizations. All students enrolled in the CSM Nursing Program are automatically members of this group. The student leaders are actively involved in organizing many activities, such as: fund raising, community service, an annual career fair, and planning the very special and memorable pinning ceremony for graduates of the program. Read on for more information!

NSA Constitution

         NSA Constitution

NSA Roles and Responsibilities

Each nursing class elects a leadership team to represent them for a yearly term. Elections are held in the Fall semester for 1st year students and again in the Spring semester to elect the 2nd year leadership team. If you are interested in becoming an NSA officer please see the NSA Roles and Responsibilities document below for a description of all NSA positions or contact one of the present NSA officers for more detail.
Class of 2012 NSA Would like to congratulate all the graduates on their accomplishments.

Recommendations from the class of 2011
The class of 2011 recommends that you take the summer support courses for First and Second Year Students. These classes are highly valuable in preparing for your Fall Semester. Check the Schedule of Classes for courses and availability. Sign up early, as most of these courses start in July and fill up quickly.
  • NURS 815 Transition from 1st Year to 2nd Year
  • NURS 610 Basic Med Dosage Calculations
  • NURS 630 Intro to Med Terminology
NSA Leadership Team

           Class of 2014 Officers
           President: Jeanette Silva
           Treasurer: Mahwish Akram
           Student Advisory
: Rita Brezinka and Erin Mendiola
           NSA Representatives
: Mila Dmitrenko and Stephanie Guiao
           ICC Representatives:
Rosa Fernandez and Jeannette Thomas
           Activities Coordinators:
 Lauren Lackey and Kayla Stofan
Editor in Chief: David Hechim
           Newsletter Team
: Ha Sin and Caitlyn Zielenski
           Faculty Advisor:
Elizabeth Smith, RN, MSN, PNP

           Class of 2015 Officers              
           Vice President:
Arik Alba  
Nolan Villamil
           Student Advisory: Vanessa dela Cruz and Jenessa Mairs
           NSA Representatives
: Dorey Ann Levi and Joy Martin-Spriggs
           ICC Representatives:
Stephanie Figueroa and Katherine Paras
           Newsletter Team
: Rheea Fe Bustos, Katherine Catahan, Danielle Day, and Marcos Mayorga

NSA Newsletter

NSA Meetings Recorded Minutes

NSA Merchandise
Want to show your pride as a CSM nurse or get a gift for a loved one? The NSA sells apparel and totes to fundraise for NSA events as well as for the graduations. We truly appreciate your support! Please speak to one of your class's NSA reps to find out more information!

NSA Contact Information
If you would like to contact the NSA regarding events or Nursing Student issues, please contact one of the NSA reps or drop a note in the NSA enveloped located on the bulletin board near the lecture hall.

Any questions regarding pre-reqs, requirements, admission and selection into the nursing program should be addressed directly to the Nursing Department at CSM.