Film at College of San Mateo - Overview
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Our Film program specializes in film and media studies, film history and criticism, and the new global media culture.

Individuals may obtain an A.A. in Film, which trains them in the history, theory and craft of diverse styles of film art. Many graduates continue their education at a four-year university, majoring in subjects such as film, television, digital media or theater.

Our graduates are also well-equipped to pursue internships, training or coursework in film and media production. Career opportunities for those with an A.A., B.A. or advanced degree in Film include journalistic film reviewing, film education, film curating, and production in the film and television industries.

Fall 2015 Featured Courses

Film 122:  New East Asian Cinema
A course exploring films from China, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea from the 1980s to the present. How has East Asian cinema influenced Hollywood, and vice versa?  Particular movements to be considered include: Hong Kong action cinema, Korean crime thrillers, Taiwanese and Korean New Waves, Japanese Anime.

Film 130: Film Directors
A course exploring the art of film as the singular expression of the film director.  We will survey a variety of important film directors:  classical and contemporary Hollywood, independent, and international.  The historical significance of the film director as a "star."

Film 200: Film in Focus: Women in Film
A course exploring the vital contributions of women to the art of filmmaking, throughout film history but especially in the contemporary period.  We will examine the role of women both in front of the camera, as stars; and behind the camera, as directors and artists.

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FILM 122: New East Asian Cinema
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