Digital Media at College of San Mateo - Meet the Faculty & Staff
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Digital Media
Meet the Faculty & Staff

Diana Bennett Diana Bennett
Title: Professor, Multimedia
Degrees: M.A., CSU East Bay; B.A., CSU East Bay; A.A., Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising: Certificate of Online Teaching and Learning
Teaching experience: Since 1999
Career highlights: Academic Senate President
Hobbies: Golf, gardening, water sports
Quote: "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." – Maya Angelou
Michelle Brown Michelle M. Brown
Title: Associate Professor, Broadcast & Electronic Media
Degrees: M.A., San Francisco State University; B.A., Central Michigan University
Teaching experience: Since 2004
Career highlights: 2010 Cinépoem Arts Award, Berkeley Video & Film Festival; 2010 Sacramento International Film Festival; 2008 Emmy Foundation Fellow, Academy of Televisions Arts & Sciences; 2008 Finalist, Masterminds Arts Competition, SF Weekly
Hobbies: Digital filmmaking, hockey fan, voice acting, stand up comedy
Quote: “Don’t hate the media, become the media.” – Jello Biafra
Vera FainshteinVera Fainshtein
Title: Associate Professor, Graphic Design
Degrees: B.A. in Design, UCLA; M.F.A. in Digital Media Art, SJSU (CADRE Lab for New Media)
Teaching Experience: Since 2007
Career Highlights: I am a practicing artist with over fifteen years of experience in video and graphic design. I designed print materials and DVD Menu screens for clients such as Warner Brothers, Rhino Records, 20th Century Fox, Universal, and Columbia Pictures. My large-scale interactive video installations have been exhibited in numerous galleries and venues including the Nature Conservancy in Arlington, VA, the Zero1Biennial of contemporary art in San Jose, California, and many others.
Hobbies: Art, travel, learning about other cultures and foreign languages
Quote: “A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Donna EyestoneDonna Eyestone
Title: Instructor
Degrees: M.F.A., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; M.F.A., Mills College Center for Contemporary Music; B.A., Clark University
Teaching Experience: Since 1996
Career Highlights: Innovator in online teaching and learning, multimedia content producer at Apple
Hobbies: First violin in Oakland Community Orchestra, Director of Alameda Education Foundation String Ensemble, private violin teacher, radio producer of The Edge of Music for KACR
Quote: "Think first about the thing that is right to do, think later about dealing with your fears.” 
– Barbara Deming
Nico van DongenNico van Dongen
Title: Instructor
Degrees: M.F.A., Photography, Royal Academy of Visual Art, The Hague, The Netherlands
Teaching Experience: Since 1992
Career Highlights: Founder of portfolio pilots, creative consulting; internationally published and student awards; Adobe achievement award and ADDY awards.
Hobbies: Cooking and entertaining. playing guitar, camping, playing soccer and tennis, all of the arts
Quote: "Designers are catalysts of their time; their role is to translate the changes, the mutations and evolution of society." – Jean Paul Gaultier
Randy TanRandy Tan
Title: Adjunct Faculty
Degrees: M.A., San Francisco State University
Hans Ullrich Hans Ullrich
Title: IT Support Technician III