Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) at College of San Mateo - Assessment Toolkit
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Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)
Assessment Toolkit

Information for faculty or staff about how to write, map and assess learning outcomes, as well as information about the reporting process. (Videos and PowerPoints are also available at the Resources page.)

What you will find here

Part I: Developing learning outcomes. This section covers the following questions:
  • What are student learning outcomes (SLOs)?
  • What do SLOs look like?
  • What is “mapping?”
  • What is the difference between SLOs and service area outcomes (SAOs)? (for Student Services)
  • What is the difference between SLOs and course objectives?
  • Where are current learning outcomes published?
  • How do I develop good SLOs for my course, program or service? (a checklist)
Part II: Assessing learning outcomesThis section covers the following questions:
  • What is an “assessment activity?”
  • What methods of assessment should we use?
  • Who can help us gather data?
  • What makes for a good assessment activity?
  • Learning support / Student Services: How do we assess our programs?
  • What about interdisciplinary assessments?  
Part III: Documentation and reportingThis section covers the following questions:
  • What are assessment plans, and how do I complete one?
  • Where do assessment plans get submitted?
  • What other documentation should we keep?
  • What do we write up in Program Review?
  • What about TracDAT?